When Do You Break Up?

At Tru.Works we never suggest ending your relationship. You may be at the breaking point in your relationship where you’re questioning if this relationship is right for you anymore.

When Do You Break Up?
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When you start questioning your relationship and realize that the other person is not getting themselves together it can be stressful. There are multiple factors to why you may possibly want to end it with someone. Depending on how much time you both have been together and the personality of the other person it may be time to end things.

The title of this article is kind of a trick title because the answer to your question is you never break up. Now if you’re going through an abusive relationship which could be abusive in many ways, then you need to get rid of the person you’re with because you’re more valuable than what they make you believe you are or treat you.

When you feel you need to end things with someone is because they don’t meet your needs anymore. As a man you have 5 basic needs and some may be more important to you than others but they are important no matter what.  To learn about your needs as a man click here and read: Do You Know the Needs of a Man?

Woman have their needs also and it could be that you don’t meet her needs either. You can read that article here: Do You Know the 5 Needs of a Woman? Once one of you begins to practice meeting the needs of your spouse the other can follow along. The reason they follow along is because they finally feel understood. But it takes one person.

Sadly people believe, “why should I do this for them if they won’t for me”. That’s the wrong mentality. What you should do is change your mind and think:

What can I do to make my spouse happy today?

This is the mentality you should have everyday. No matter what your boyfriend does, no matter what your wife say or does. You have to learn to meet their needs.

It’s called selflessness. Practice it.

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