When They Are Your Whole World 🌎

Ever been in love? You were so in love that every decision you ever made in that point of your life was made with the consideration of the person you were in love with. It was a point in time where you woke up and he was the first thing you thought of or she was the last person you dreamt of at night.

©Ryan McGuire 2015When They Are Your Whole World 🌎
©Ryan McGuire 2015

Love is beautiful but unfortunately there are some people who plainly take it too far. They make the love of their life their reason for happiness and their lover is what keeps them going forward in life. If their lover isn’t around their day has no meaning and if their lover has other plans their world 🌎 comes crashing down as if this is their apocalypse, their end of the world.

This isn’t love anymore, this is obsession and an unhealthy one at that. You may get temporary obsessions over a new McDonalds sauce or Justin Bieber but a lifetime obsession will effect your life in many ways.

You can lose yourself and forget why you’re alive. Everyone has their own goals and dreams to follow and to make your lover the end all be all is harmful.

You will get disappointed because people fail. Humans cannot meet our exaggerated expectations. They cheat and steal, they lie and beg. Everyone will, that’s life. The one who is obsessing will always forgive and let go of things which is good but won’t end it with a person that is obviously taking advantage of them.

Lastly, you make this person your savior. You put this man or woman first and you make him like Dad (God) to you. This is dangerous because of the above reasons and because of the fact that this person isn’t God or God-like. Revolving your life over someone else instead of Jesus will lead to crazy decisions and odd behavior.

Your life is your own. No meed to make someone your end all be all, even in marriage. In marriage you still shoot for your own goals but together. Your goal should not be to keep your lover around and to make him happy with sacrifice of yourself. Get it together.

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