Why He Won’t Talk to You Anymore

There are those moments in life where you catch yourself staring at your husband and wonder where the conversation went. You don’t know why you both do not talk like you both used to. You know that you still talk the same amount and he definitely knows you still talk like you used to but why did he stop talking and stop sharing with you like he used to?

Why He Won't Talk to You Anymore
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Men are different creatures in the sense that conversation to them isn’t about words that you can just spread out like butter and eat like toast like a woman does where she can talk about anything without importance in her words and let out baggage and feelings and enjoy themselves in conversation. When two women talk to each other they both understand to listen and seldom give advice unless asked for it.

Men, on the other hand talk about information and have more control over what they say and who they’re talking to and who they give themselves up to.

They do not just blab about themselves to just anyone they have not seen in years but they pick and choose who they share things with and usually it’s either a best friend (their boys) or their girl. Your concern is that you have noticed he has not been that way with you lately and there’s a few reasons for that.

Critical & High Expectations with a Mix of Nagging

You have become critical. When you criticize a man about his actions and every little move he makes it annoys him. They don’t meet up to your ridiculous standards or your expectations no matter how much you nag. He does not want to hear criticism. He want to know you’re proud of him nut instead you make him feel like he can’t make a move without hearing your end of the world reasoning of why he can not do this or that.

For example, if he wants to go golfing and you want him to spend more time with you don’t get upset that he even asked. Some men will get to a point where they will not ask anymore and go golfing without letting you know. Embrace that he shared that with you and let him go golfing.

Maybe, you wanted to spend the day with him instead of letting him golf. There’s always another day. You must change yourself first before you can even think about having intimate time with your man again.

Another reason he may have stopped talking to you is because you keep complaining about everything he does. He may not take out the trash enough, spends money on games or wastes so much food. Stop complaining and start loving. When you learn to shut up and learn to pick the right times to talk to him about your issues than you can have the conversation about the small things.

Whining and nagging will just have him ignore you and stay away. So stop the nagging and talk when the timing is right.

Look, if every time he brings up his day, what he wants to do today, or his goals and you bring up chores, criticize his manhood and his ideas then of course he won’t speak to you at all. No one would. Men are more sensitive toward the complaining and nagging then woman are.

Challenge yourself to compliment his physique, kiss him before heading off to work and to greet him when he comes home with such an excitement that he can’t wait to come home tomorrow. No matter how annoyed or angry you are you should never stop loving your husband. That comes first.

Put aside the chores, money issues or children for the moment and enjoy each other’s conversation and laugh.

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