Why You Should Keep the Foreskin On

Why You Should Keep the Foreskin On
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Men all had or have a foreskin that surrounds (surrounded) their penis. Doctors let their moms choose at birth whether they want their son to keep their foreskin or have it cut off. This procedure is called a circumcision.

Many mothers choose to circumcise their baby boy’s penis to prevent the foreskin from getting dirty or infected. Some mothers prefer it because it is easier for them to clean and may be easier to clean since they are a bit unfamiliar with the cleaning of the penis. It is even suggested by doctors to cut off the foreskin so that the penis is easier to clean.

What some women may not realize is that there’s only an extra step to cleaning a penis with the foreskin left on. You have to pull down the foreskin and clean your penis. Obviously, a man who does not have the foreskin of the penis would simply just clean his penis the same way he does the rest of his body.

While this is easier for men to deal with in the long run keeping the foreskin on for your son may have more benefits than simply making the cleaning of the penis an easier task.

A man without the foreskin of his penis is subject to arousal more often than a man who was not circumcised. The reason for that is that the foreskin of the penis gives an extra layer of protection from having the plain penis rub up against his legs or pants.

The foreskin is a barrier that makes arousal harder to do. While t seems so simple it is true that the foreskin prevents accidental arousal and helps relieve a man from having sex on the brain constantly. In other words, his penis won’t control his thoughts or motive as much.

A circumcised penis can rub up against a man’s leg which can arouse them without wanting to be.

Now you may be concerned about the cleanliness of your sn’s penis. As long as he’s taught to be clean and how to clean his penis, he will be clean and his penis will be clean and won’t suffer infection.

As for any concerns with sexual health, as long as the necessary precautions are taken in advance and care is taken the uncircumcised penis can also engage in safe sex and still maintain a healthy living.

It’s totally up to you, the mother, what you think will be best for your son. There are many health and religious views on circumcision. It’s up to you what you think would be best for your child, and what you teach him about caring for his penis.


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