Why You Should Keep the Foreskin On

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Why You Should Keep the Foreskin On
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First, we will explain what the foreskin is. Men all had or have a foreskin that surrounds (surrounded) their penis. Doctors let their moms choose at birth whether they want their son to keep their foreskin or have it cut off. This procedure is called a circumcision.

Many mothers choose to circumsise their baby boy’s penis to prevent the foreskin from getting dirty or infected. Some mothers prefer it because it is easier for them to clean since they are unfamiliar with cleaning of the penis. It is even suggested by doctors to cut off the foreskin so that the penis is easier to clean.

What some women may not realize is that there’s only an extra step to cleaning a penis with the foreskin left on. You have to pull down the foreskin and clean your penis that way than if you did not have any foreskin your penis would be exposed and obviously easier to be cleaned.

The reason why we suggest to keep the foreskin on is because a penis without this extra skin is exposed to arousal more than a penis with foreskin. A circumsised penis can rub up against a man’s leg which can arouse them without wanting to be.

The reason we suggest leaving the penis uncircumsised is to keep the man from having sex on the brain all the time. Again, this is a suggestion. there are many reasons to get circumsised and many to keep the foreskin of the penis on.

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