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What is a small town entrepreneur from Pennsylvania doing in the big city?

My father is an entrepreneur. He gave me an entrepreneurial spirit as a young girl. I grew up with 3 siblings who I hold dear to me. I made it my responsibility to help them be the best they could be at the age of 7 and 8.

My siblings learned how to spell words and draw because of me. I even organized games and activities for them to never feel alone and practiced my entrepreneurial hustle with them. I had a desire to help children, although I was a child, and calm the minds of the anxious.

Not only at a young age did my entrepreneur mindset lead me to build Tru.Works. It also led me to help others including my friends to help them feel relieved and better about themselves. Except I found one problem.

I am only one person.

What do I do to solve this problem?

Jesus saved the world already but I know I am to lead people to Jesus or at least help them experience Jesus through me. That’s what I want from Tru.Works.

Tru.Works is the idea I had since young and it’s my only business which lets me practice my entrepreneur gifts and talents.

Access to me is what I want people to have. Not complete access. This is why I won’t give out my phone number to just anyone. But, I believe God gave me a gift and that gift is to calm people down. That sounds funny, right?

My purpose is to help others want to be entrepreneurs themselves. I want to help them feel empowered to be better or inspired to help others want to be entrepreneurs. I also truly want others to feel like they are not alone.

Whether you’re a Christian or not, gay or straight, Hispanic, or not, I just want people to understand that others are struggling too. It’s okay to ask for help. Other people are new entrepreneurs and want to start a new business. Other people are going through what you go through too. You are not alone!

One day I hope my words reach Japan. This I know is my predetermined destiny. I also hope that my business will eventually turn into a non-profit that helps many children, mothers, fathers, and anyone else in need.

Social media is what I use to connect with people. I’m obsessed with helping others and you can connect with me online via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus, Flipboard and more! You can personally contact me at if you want to learn more about me or collaborate in some way.

Personally contact me at if you want to learn more about me or collaborate in some way.

On Tru.Works I have so many articles where you can learn more about me and my experiences. Here they are.

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