Your Identity 😀

Why must we always fight about identity? Identity is the topic of 2015 and seems to be the topic that will continue on into 2016 with multiple debates and stories in the media and in our day to day grind.

Your Identity 😀
Some of us are Latino, others are female and few are 5’11” which could be considered someone’s identity. Another person can be gay, male and African-American. That example can also be considered as someone’s identity.Ask yourself, is that what you want to be known for? Is that the identity that you want?
Your identity can also come from your actions and words. You may be known as a liar or thief. How about a giving person and wonderful spouse. People see the outside, they cannot see or look within you to know your true identity.

Your actions and physical being states your identity to everyone else but you cannot choose your father or culture or physique. That was given to you at birth. You can choose your actions, and we all know we don’t always make the best decisions.

The problem isn’t where we came from or what we do. The problem is that as a society we lost our identity in Christ. In Christ and as believers we are righteous through the Son of Daddy God. Jesus is our identity. When we choose another identity we make stupid decisions and focus on ourselves (which always ends horrible) instead of having a focus on Jesus our good friend and savior.

Daddy God doesn’t judge you by your skin color or sexuality. He judges your heart and by believing in Christ we have the grace of Daddy God upon us and so we can live knowing that we are perfect in His eyes and He loves us because of His Son.

Remember your identity, do not let it go. Repeat, “I am the righteousness of God in Christ” all the time and watch your actions change before your eyes.

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