Yessenia Diaz

Hi, I am Yessenia Diaz and I am the owner of Tru.Works. I imagined Tru.Works at a young age while I was in high school. That was in 2009! I decided that I wanted to have a giant building where young people can develop their skills to become entrepreneurs, business owners, investors, and content creators for the world to take in.

To do this, I have to start something new. That is why Tru.Works exists. With Tru.Works I have created written content for the world to read about various topics. It started out as a place for me to share my life stories and goals but very quickly I learned I wanted to do more with it.

Today Tru.Works has its newsletter, Facebook pages, online recognition and soon it’ll grow into something else.

During this time of growth, I’m open to writing for other blogs, designing websites, and helping others with their blogs.

I am easily found online by Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus, Flipboard and more.

You can personally contact me at