2 Major Mistakes Women Make in Picking a Man

©Ryan McGuire 2015

Ladies, if you’ve been dating around and no one has stuck around you may have 1 of these 2 concepts in your head that are keeping you from picking the right man. It’s a delusion that you have to get rid of or you’ll pick just anyone to be with!

Having a Physical Goal

You can imagine that man you want. You see him in your dreams and have the list in your head. Must have light skin, dark hair, Asian, tall and muscular. Well, you keep looking for that. While you’re looking for that physically perfect man out there you’re looking past all the other men that are interested in you. You won’t give them a chance. You’re looking for 1 man when there are probably 3 billion other men in the world you can go for. Good luck finding that specific man because of honey, what you want isn’t what you need.

What happened to wanting a man that respects you, that has a great credit score or is well dressed. What about a man who wants children or honors his mother and sisters. I believe that these non-physical traits are what you should be looking for. Go ahead and write a list of traits you want your man to have.

Looking for a Certain Man but You Aren’t the Woman for That Man

You made your list but did you stop and think what list this man would make for his perfect woman? If you would like your man to be a great father then you should be a great mother. You should take care of your body so you’ll have fewer complications when you try to get pregnant. If you want your man to make a lot of money, you should think about maintaining and making money also. If I’m making money I won’t get with a woman who will spend what I worked hard for.

Whatever values you’re looking for check yourself and see if you’re the kind of woman who can be with this man. Do you respect yourself and take care of yourself?

This is a different way to look at things and hopefully now you see there are more options out there than that one man who doesn’t exist!

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