3 Simple Exercises to Get Back into Shape

3 Simple Exercises to Get Back into Shape
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There’s a period of time where you’ll find that you’ve let yourself go. This can be after giving birth, a personal struggle, or depression. In each case, many women can let themselves go, or put exercise on the back burner and that’s okay- it happens. it’s just a matter of picking yourself back up and not letting this letdown stay permanent.

While we juggle our lifestyles, bringing our bodies back is something we most definitely have in our minds especially with kids and a spouse to take care. We enjoy taking care of others first. But what if today we got on the floor and began building our strength back up again? Just twenty minutes. When we give ourselves time to our own we can gain more strength to take care of our kids simply because we thought of ourselves first.

Let’s get started with pushups.


Pushups are one of the hardest and most challenging exercises to do and a lot of women hate them. I know I did. In reality, when you break up your pushups into smaller sets it’s not too big of a mountain to climb. Many people will start you at three sets of three pushups but what if you can’t even do one pushup? This is why I believe in taking things one step at a time and mastering moves, or exercises than to head straight into doing multiple pushups.

Ladies, I suggest performing one pushup this week. If you can do one pushup this week then next week you can do 1 pushup every day. Don’t move forward until it becomes easy. Too many women add more reps or more pushups to their reps when they’re not confident in the current pushup exercise challenge they are doing.

One pushup becomes two and then three. We keep on going until we have to do reps, and until you must change your pushup styles. When we overwork ourselves to the point where we barely reach our goal working out then isn’t fun anymore. Exercise becomes a chore and that’s why many people quit the gym. They want results too quickly without realizing that to reach the body goals we want it all must be done with baby steps.

Pushups build upper body strength and arms, and it’s another way to help with your core. Pushups even work out your legs, abs, and glutes. It works out everything!

bicycle crunches

In my opinion, I believe that if you want strong abs you have to do ab workouts every day or at least 5 days a week. The reason for that is because our bodies usually tone our cores last. This opinion is from my personal experience. I can see progress in my arms but my stomach stays flabby unless I work my abs out every day or so.

The reason I chose bicycle crunches as a crunch of choice it because you aren’t necessarily leaving your back flat, and your moving enough that you can catch a rhythm and will feel a burn quickly.

Abs need more reps and there’s no way around it, with that being said, once you master the bicycle crunch then you can get into other crunches. Crunch exercises are easy to do at home, like pushups, it’s as  easy as getting down on the floor and doing one, then two, then three. One step at a time.


Squats are absolutely fun to do at home. Watching yourself squat in front of a mirror can bring back a confidence especially when you can see your booty look good! Who doesn’t want a great butt?

When doing sqauts, it may seem you need to do more squats to get results but in reality, all yu have to do is slow down. The slower you squat with greater form the better your squat becomes and the more pain you’ll feel in fewer reps. Squats will make you feel sexy and will strengthen your butt.

Getting back into exercising isn’t necessarily about how much you can do but how well you complete your moves and slowly getting better at it. You never want to overwork yourself to a point where you get unmotivated.


I want to highly stress that when you overexert yourself and you complete reps by just a hair it makes it so hard to want to get back up and complete another rep or repeat the same exercise the next day. Take it easy. Give yourself 6 months to a year to see results.

Before you see your own results at home others will see your results first. Never look at the number on the scale. that number doesn’t matter. Muscle building makes that weight obsolete because muscles weigh more than fat. Lastly, I enjoy working out. I took cardio, and strength exercises one step at a time. Once you see your first gains you’ll never want to stop, and it all starts at home.

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