3 Tips to Eating Less Food

©Cei Lisboa 2016
©Cei Lisboa 2016

Growing up I remember that I used to eat more than my brother and sisters. I actually can recall them giving me their food if they didn’t like it and I used to overeat.I never believed I was overweight and as a young girl, I wasn’t I was always borderline fit but in my marriage, my bad eating habits caught up with me.

For some reason, the amount of food I ate was not working for me anymore. Actually, as I gained more weight I ate even more. The largest I ever weighed was 156 lbs. To others that’s nothing. For a girl who’s weight was always 115 lbs., that number was horrifying to me.

I always fit size 3 jeans, and eventually I headed into size 5 jeans after puberty but when my husband and I went shopping for clothes one Winter day, it was when I tried on a pair of size 7 jeans that I saw how big I was actually getting.

I gave those pants back and I didn’t buy any clothes that day. I refused to buy larger pants or shirts, and I declared to fit in my clothes by losing weight and getting fit.

This time it was different, I was fed up that my weight was always fluctuating. I was so tired of going to the gym and getting bigger. How disappointed was I? I was very disappointed.

This year, 2016, was the year I decided to change my lifestyle but I couldn’t do things the way I have always done them and so I had to find the actual root of my problem.

I realized that my problem was food. I was not a lazy girl. I loved going to the parks, the gym, walking and enjoying physical work but while I burned so many calories but, anytime I felt hungry, I ate.

Now that is normal for most people but when I ate, I ate as if the meal I had in front of me would be the last meal I would ever have.

This mentality was a mentality I always had. I learned from other people that I didn’t have to eat everything. You know, my mother always taught me to not leave a single grain of rice on my plate out of respect to whoever cooked our meal. She also always suggested to not waste food because you never know what could happen and always reminded me that the children in Africa don’t get to eat every day.

My mind was wired to stuff every meal I had, I actually found that I would eat close to 1000 to 1500 more calories than I needed every week because of my food issue. I had to change my mentality. I also had to change my bad habits.

To this day I still love food. I can find that I splurge from time to time on sweets but I’m not as bad as I could be. I also found that these 3 tips helped me:

  • that big breath you draw while eating is actually your stomach communicating to you that it’s done eating.
  • you don’t have to finish everything on your plate
  • count calories for a week to see what you’re really eating, do not obsessively continue counting calories!

These 3 tips have helped me control my food obsession and my calories. I lost so much weight with this realization that after I dropped 20lbs, it was time for me to actually work out better and gain muscle.

It’s these 3 tips that have kept my weight stabilized. My weight doesn’t fluctuate anymore because I’m not eating more than what I need.

Don’t ever feel obligated to eat a meal completely. If you’re unhappy with how you look, feel, or are, then it means you aren’t what you want to be or are meant to be, and you should work toward your goals.

Take a week to eat whatever you want and count the calories on a calorie tracker. See how it all adds up. This is where I had my epiphany. I was actually so disgusted with that number that it was no wonder my body just kept storing fat.

While you eat, eat slower. I suggest paying attention to the big breath you take when your stomach is full. I bet you that you will eat less and still feel satisfied. It’s when you eat past that breath where you find yu overeat.

Eating is a gift sent from above but we all must realize that we are not alive t eat but we eat to stay alive! I hope this helps someone!

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