4 Ways to Have a Better Day

4 Ways to Have a Better Day
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Today is a horrible day so far but you have the choice to make it better! So breathe and follow these steps toward a better day!

Declare It

Your words are powerful. When God spoke he created the heavens and the earth and so when you speak all will come to pass whether it is good or bad so declare a great day once you wake up. Keep repeating it and pray for it. When you believe you will have a great day you will.

Act It Out

Act toward a great day. What that means is make decisions that will lead you to have a great day. If you step on gum, believe a new blessing is around the corner. If someone writes a status against you brush it off. Don’t let it get to you. If you trip, get up and keep walking!

Pray On It

Every day you can choose to let heaven hear your declaration of a good day. Ask for a great day and you shall receive it. You’ll see random people notice the glow on your face because you choose to have a great day. Most people let the day pick for them.

Positive Vibes

Keep on sending out positive vibes. Compliment people, compliment yourself, make people laugh, work harder or love your spouse or brother more. Send out positive vibes and you’ll receive it right back!

What you put out into this world you will get back in return. If you’re a grumpy person who complains about life you will get a life to complain about but if you choose to speak about good things more good things will come into your life to speak about!

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  1. Evelyn Santiago
    October 28, 2015

    That’s so true, thank you for so much advice, I need to put everything in to practice, thanks!


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