6 People That Annoy Everyone

6 People That Annoy Everyone
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For some reason, I like to list 6 items. It’s a number most people stay away from because of  their religion or personal beliefs but I just think it throws people off or it might push someone’s button. I’m probably overexaggerating, it’s not like the article is called, “666 People That Annoy Everyone”.

Everyone has that day where they’re the worst of themselves. It usually happens when you haven’t had much sleep all week, or you’ve had a lot of bad news throughout the week and you’re just not feeling like putting forward a good attitude for today.

I want to advise you that I write this article because so many people miss opportunities that are right in front of them because they chose to have a bad attitude or weren’t themselves for the day. I write this article because I am guilty of hitting every category I state later in the article and I know that having these negative mindsets have had people want to stay away from me.

The logic behind having a good attitude is to keep people surrounding you. Positive energy attracts positive people. Good things happen to people who speak good things and do good things. It’s always going to happen but when bad things happen to you and your mindset is positive, the negative things that came your way won’t be so damaging to your life like they could have been if you had a bad attitude.

Ask yourself, “How many people have stayed away from me or helped someone else because I treated them poorly or had a bad character?

If you have any of the following personality traits do everything you can to ditch them because these personality traits are the traits that make positive people who can help you stay away from you. Rich people, entrepreneurs, artists, celebrities, artists or anyone who would be considered a successful person do not  surround themselves around negative people.

  • Complainers

    • I know I have complained about things in my life but there are people that you can never make happy. I don’t take complainers out to lunch, or advise them.I don’t share wisdom with them that could better themselves because all they do is see the negative things about everything and verbally state them. It’s such a buzzkill. I  don’t need to be reminded that I’m underpaid, or that my husband forgot an important date. I need someone who will push me to keep going and not bring me into a pity party.
  • Pessimists

    • Similar to the complainer except pessimists are so negative that everything in the world is against them. I’ve had periods of my life where anything you told me that could possibly shine a light into my world I would bring it down with a negative or “realistic” view of what I was facing. They make things worse than what they really are. I remember a woman who would complain about getting someone else’s workload and would assume the head leaders of the company were trying to get her to quit her job instead of assuming that instead they were giving her more responsibilities to prepare her for a promotion.
  • Sarcastic People

    • We’ve all been around the guy with the sarcastic jokes. For some reason, I find that most sarcastic people I have ever met were men but I know there are some women out there who have this trait. The reason people keep away from sarcastic personalities is for the reason that you never know if this person is playing around or serious? Do they really mean what they say or are the joking? I have no idea. I can’t deal with people who constantly answer me back with sarcasm and I feel bad but people stay away from sarcasm because it’s such a bothersome personality. I just don’t know if I offended you or not.
  • Gossiper

    • Okay, being a gossip is a personality trait that is frowned upon by almost anyone. How can one person have so much interest in everyone else’s life if they’re not getting paid for it? The reason gossipers get a bad wrap is simply because people thin, “If you know this about this person, what do you know about me?” Gossipers tend to not be trustworthy and so people stand clear of them except when they’re bored and want to hear juicy news.
  • Emotional People

    • I am super guilty of being this way. I am an introverted person and so venting myself online is easy but face to face interactions are so hard for me that when things get too intense I burst out in tears or rage. My husband has helped me tremendously get through this and the reason he wanted me to change this personality trait is because he didn’t want to speak with me or share intimate details with home because he didn’t know how I would react. He taught me that if my emotions were out of control or always shared with people, people don’t have the energy to deal with you. They have their own problems to worry about so while I’m crying about how hard life is they’re wondering how do I get out of this awkward situation?
  • Overly Offended Person
    • If I have to say the one person that is the most annoying it has to be the person who gets offended easily. I personally keep away from people who get offended over religion, sexuality, race or even by complimenting them. There are people that speak their mind but there are people who speak their mind to defend or justify their way of being. I remember in college there was a girl where if you spoke anything against God she would let you hear it. To this day, I ignore this woman and stay away from her because I felt like I could ‘t speak to her freely without being attacked verbally by her.
    • I also recall having somebody not like the way I looked at them or not appreciate the manner in which I spoke to them. I even remember students bring up race as a reason they were treated differently than other classmates when it was simply a luck of the draw the teacher made.

To sum everything up, we’ve all had our days where we have been pessimistic, sarcastic or even complain about small things. I just want to remind you that every moment you have in this life is an opportunity to meet people who can help you achieve your dreams. These people don’t help complainers, gossipers or pessimists. They help people who have a positive expectation of good.

Your attitude is your choice. You can blame your reason for having a bad attitude on any negative circumstance that you have in your life today but in the end, you CHOOSE what you do with your circumstances. You can either suck it up and scream when you get home or show the world how horrible life is and end up alone.

I remember when I used to have days of pessimism and moments of complaining and I’m so blessed to have a husband who would tell me to shut up. He’d let me know quickly to get over myself and to move on. Where you are today, you won’t stay there forever. God will mold you with difficult moments in your life. They will come but they will also pass and you can either enjoy these moments or stay in them. You will never get out of hard times until you change your attitude.

Your assignment is too important, your time is too valuable to be distracted by negative people.

Joel Osteen


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