6 Reasons Why You’re Poor

©Ryan McGuire 2015
©Ryan McGuire 2015

Admit it, you’re poor. But, you have new rims on your car, nice clothes on or the next gadget. Seriously, you still have no money. No money in any account. What goes in goes out. You live check to check and you’re just getting by but once you get a bit ahead you quickly go and splurge. Then the barista at Starbucks returns your card and tells you it doesn’t work and only then is when you check you bank account. You’re broke!


Somewhere in the history of the world we were told that it is okay to have a regular job, save for retirement and live comfortable. Life will just play out and everything will be okay. Some believe the government will take care of them. Well, that’s not true. Have you noticed that the White House is getting richer and you’re getting poorer. Don’t believe the lie, only you can take care of yourself. Not the bank, not the government and not your parents. Today, you or your business could be hit hard with a Hurricane Katrina, Boston Marathon Bombing or a riot in Baltimore. If you’re not prepared things will change quick for you. Bang, you’re poor. You need money!

Always Spend When You Get

You work hard (sometimes). Usually you work hard. Sometimes you get extra cashflow and hey, you work hard so you think it fine to treat yourself. Stop spending everything you get! You don’t need clothes, you don’t need a new phone or to get your hair done. You need money! Don’t look at what everyone else has, look at what you have. NOTHING. Get some money!

Don’t Hustle

Some of you work just to get by and hate your job. Monday sucks, Wednesday is Hump Day, and Thank God it’s Friday. Work sucks. That mentality has to change. You need money and you need to make more money everyday. The bible even states that the poor or lazy man will die.

Proverbs 10:4

Sloth makes you poor;
    diligence brings wealth.

So if you want to live you have to be diligent and move it. Make some money!

Don’t Save

Hey, saving forever is one of the dumbest things you can do with money. You still need to save your money. Save it and invest it. Like I said earlier, most people get money and spend it. Stop spending and save!

Don’t Invest

After you have save enough, invest it all. Don’t be dumb, invest it in things that can never be affected like water, natural resources, shelter (multi-level apartments, not homes) and food. Get multiple flows of income where you don’t have work. It takes time, but when you do things right, money comes flowing in.

Don’t Take Risks

When you let your money sit in the bank you’re always at risk of losing it. Instead, take a risk, invest! Invest in yourself, your business and your investments.

Not a single person has ever said they didn’t need money. Don’t think you are being greedy because you are not. This world works because of money and you need money to do anything that your heart desires in life. wouldn’t you want to provide the best life for your children? Give them the opportunity to go to any school, learn languages or work at an early age? Would you not want to travel and volunteer in different countries? How about give back to local communities or charities. All these wonderful things can be done but if you have not a single dime to give away, how can you become a philanthropist?

Broaden the way you view money. Money is a tool to be able to do more than what you could have ever dreamed of and more. Daddy God would never want you to be struggling but to be able to give and give freely to anyone you choose or Daddy God may choose. You cannot give back to people without money.

You may believe that giving up your time would be just as valuable to charities and non-profits but what about making enough money so you can give back as much time as you would like without having to risk losing or not having an income.

I highly suggest thinking about how money can be a positive thing in your life and the lives of the people around you. The less laundry you do yourself the more time you have to speak at conferences and inspire young people. The less working at a 40hr/week job and the more income from an investment means you can travel more and connect with business leaders and other people of influence and spread a powerful message.

Not many people who are poor and work normal jobs with normal hours get their names written in history books. Average people who spend their lives doing average things never have movies created about them. There are no articles written and they spread no positive message but complaints on how unfair life is.

Choose to live a more than average life. Choose to live a spectacular life. I highly suggest reading the 10x Rule by Grant Cardone to get you started in how to begin changing your life around and doing more than you have ever done with your time, connections and knowledge. Can you imagine that what you do today will influence someone in the future to do more wonderful things like what you did in their past. It’s absolutely amazing to think that the actions you take today can totally change the lives of your family and the people around you forever!

If none of these things have ever come to mind you’ve probably believed the lie. Get out of middle-class or poor living. You’re at high risk whenever something comes around. I suggest listening to people like Grant Cardone for more information on your finances. The rich are rich because they do all these things above. Why live life at risk snd poor when you can take risks and be rich.

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