A Christian Gambling in Vegas With Her Husband

A Christian Gambling in Vegas With Her Husband
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I am the Christian gambling in Vegas with her husband!

Okay, so I would have never thought that my husband and I would ever get to go to Vegas to gamble. Yet, by the grace of God, we were given the opportunity to go to Vegas! Which means that gambling was one of our activities we wanted to cross off the list. You may be wondering if you have read my articles, what is a Christian couple doing gambling in Vegas?

My husband is quite, uh, competitive and funny enough so am I.

When it comes to sports and play as much as I wish I could beat him, he always wins. I am the brains, and he is the brawn. And of course, I’ve known my husband for many years and I did have a concern having my husband go gambling.

I won a sweepstake

While he’s gotten more conscientious with his finances, I must explain that the money we took to Vegas was money given to us by a sweepstake I won. Yea, I know? How could I have won something like that?

The only thing I had ever won in my life was participation ribbons in elementary school and so it was hard for me to believe that I won a trip to Vegas for 2 nights and 3 days. I got to bring 3 other guests which were my husband, his sister, and her boyfriend.

I was also able t attend the UFC fight, Holly Holme v. Cyborg and $1000 spending money.

Yea, I know this is unbelievable.

Happy new year gambling

Anyway, we got to book the trip for New Years and man it was fun. The last night we were there we took advantage of dancing, and the countdown to the new year but not only that we chose to play blackjack the rest of the night. I was a Christian gambling the night away.

Together my husband and I were unstoppable. I mean, we weren’t betting hundreds of dollars but we did start out with $60 and ended the night with $400 playing blackjack. Or so I thought.

Gambling is fun don’t get me wrong but if I’ve learned anything from my one gambling night in Vegas, it’s that some people can gamble with control and others can’t.

With that said, I believed I’d be the one who’d lose control gambling in Vegas but instead it was my husband who had lost his mind to gambling.

My husband was not the same after gambling

Man, it was hard to watch but I knew that the moment we won the $400, his eyes changed. Was this a gambling addiction that had surfaced? I wasn’t sure. I wasn’t sure until he pulled me to the side and looked me intently in the eyes wanting to persuade me to bet a hundred dollars to win back a total of $500.

Multiple times I said no, but of course, I knew that he wouldn’t have learned his lesson if I had control over the money we won together.

I let my husband lose a hundred dollars. It hurt me so much but I knew it helped stop him from continuing his gambling.

His loss hurt him. It hurt him so badly he could not enjoy the rest of the night.

A lesson I learned to gamble

He learned a valuable lesson that night and it was that if you’re going to gamble in blackjack you want to make your earnings slowly. When you suffer two losses in a row, switch tables. Blackjack is pure luck but your superstitions come out during the game.

I don’t believe gambling is bad, I just believe, like anything else, once it becomes more important than God it becomes a problem. A gambling addiction is not a joke. To prevent a gambling addiction from starting you got to nip in the butt early. Take your losses and let it go.

Thankfully, I was there for my husband when he gambled for the first time. Who knows what would’ve happened if I wasn’t there to control him from gambling.

My husband scared me

I can’t forget the look in his eyes when he wanted to withdraw money from our accounts to play more. It was then I knew that gambling addiction is a thing. It can happen, and it can happen to the one you love. I just knew I had to stop him after the conversation we had.

He dwelled on his loss the rest of the night. He admitted that he couldn’t sleep all night due to the loss and was even thinking about how he would, behind my back, sneak downstairs and win the money back.

But he held his ground and laid in his bed all night long. While he suffered from his lone thoughts on gambling all night long, I slept peacefully next to him.

The next day after gambling the night away

In the morning, on our way back home, he apologized for his actions. He even stated it would be best for him to never play again. I laughed.

In the end, I believed he would have had to hold me back from gambling the night away but it was me who had to set my foot down so that he wouldn’t enter into our finances.

I learned that we are not perfect. That it’s good to try new things as a  couple. Whether it’s gambling, drinking, or traveling to somewhere new- it’s good to be there for each other and have each other’s back.

I learned that anything can really become an addiction and that gambling is just a more common addiction and very easy to get addicted to. Gambling is fun and can be exciting and yet if you let gambling get to your head it can take up your thoughts and your bank account.

First time going gambling suggestions

That’s why I suggest that if you do go gambling with your partner for the first time or not you want to prevent a gambling addiction from surfacing in your marriage. The way to do that is to both set limits. With agreed limits, there can’t be any arguments about how much you’re both willing to spend because you both agreed on it.

If one of you seems to be more rational than the other, take control of the decisions made when gambling. Don’t let your partner take control or you will watch your bank account suffer.

If you’re going to Vegas to gamble, keep in mind that everything in Vegas is expensive. Each hotel has its own casino and The blackjack tables at the MGM Grand were fun.

Blackjack is easy to understand, and easy to get out of. You won’t be surrounded by another crowd and feel pressured to stay.

Take a break in between gambling. TReset your minds, and go back in to play with a clear mind.

But most importantly, have fun gambling.

Have fun making new memories with your spouse. Have each other’s backs and laugh with each other.

Going to Vegas is a great experience. Enjoy brunch at the Bellagio, and go out dancing with your spouse. Gambling away SOME money, and have a few drinks.

Vegas is a great place to try new things and to experience each other in a new environment. I learned a lot on my trip to Vegas with my husband. I learned that I am the more controlled partner in the relationship, and he is the risk taker. It may have taken us years to learn that lesson but in Vegas, we learned it all in one night.


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