A Young Romance into A Lifetime Covenant

A Young Romance into A Lifetime Covenant
Photo by Yessenia Diaz
©Yessenia Diaz 2017

We lived in the same town for many years and had never crossed paths. He was 2 years younger than I but his family knew of my family and vice versa but I never had a chance to meet him- not until I got my first job.

It all started when…

At sixteen I remember I made a conscious decision to get a job. My mother helped me get a job at a nearby McDonald’s. When I got hired, I was young and had recently learned how to straighten my hair and had begun my interest in boys and wanting to find, “the one”. I was obsessed with trying to find my future man at such a young age, and any guy that crossed my path I could mold him into being that man except the guy who I did end up marrying.

On one of my first weekend shifts, I headed to the office to speak to the store manager and to my left was my husband taking orders on the headset for drive-thru customers. As soon as I laid eyes on him God stated that he would be my husband.

“He is your husband”.

I quickly denied it. He was not my type and he was younger than me. I was totally not into him yet it was in my nature to be nice to this kid and engage in conversation with him. Long story short, this kid became my best friend. Rather quickly I realized he had a huge crush on me.

He watched me date different boys, even so- he invited me out to different events and was always respectful of me. I think that’s what made me stay away from him more. I always felt as if he was too good for me.

A year had passed, and this kid had one girlfriend during that time. They were never serious, as my relationships were never serious also. I did end up with another guy that to my future husband must have looked serious that he decided to move on. He stopped talking to me and had ended up not texting me or having anything to do with me anymore.

This bothered me so much but I let it go. I concluded it was easier for him to move on this way than to watch me date someone else. He simply couldn’t be my friend anymore. A few weeks had passed and while I had my boyfriend, I just couldn’t get my mind off of my future husband. I couldn’t stop worrying about him and feel as if I had lost a good friend.

And then it happened. He began to pursue another girl. That’s when I had it. It was wrong of me to stay with the guy I was with and yet be thinking about another boy. I ended it. I had to. Never have I ever been so shocked at me due to growing feelings for him.

I ended it with my ex and pursued being alone for some time. I was single and it was nice. My future husband had no idea I was single until at a church youth group meeting where I let out I was. It wasn’t until after that where the group headed out to eat and my future husband and I were back to normal as if there was never any beef between us. Best friends, who could be best friends again.

It was lovely. Yet I never told him I had feelings for him. I asked God for a lot of help with this kid. I needed a lot of help because I was scared that this kid was going to be my last relationship. At 18, that was overwhelming.

I texted him, one night, and admitted I had feelings for him, and the rest was history.

Our love was spicy, two Hispanics always arguing, and making out- always looking for fun things to do. We traveled with family a whole bunch, Learned how to drive together, graduated college and high school together.

We had three years of memories made from New York City, Puerto Rico, and Baltimore, MD. It was in Baltimore where he asked for my hand in marriage and I said yes.

I married this man. He had a good head on his shoulders and was smart and interesting. He loved me more than anyone had ever could but was respectful of me. This man had never cursed at me, or yelled at me, or touched me inappropriately. I never felt anything but love with this man.

God was right from the beginning. He was my husband. I didn’t want to accept it but it was destined to be. I wanted to go against what I knew was true and what I wanted on purpose, as to make it my choice on who I wanted to love. Either way, I wanted this kid, and I’m so grateful  I said yes 4 years ago.

I would never ever regret getting married at 21. I would never ever regret my marriage, I’m happy- I have someone I can go to in my times of struggle and someone to make memories with. Each year we have our issues, but each year that passes we grow closer to each other. I’ll never regret it.


  1. Miss Champagne B
    November 8, 2017

    this was a beautiful story! you give us single gals out here hope!

  2. Fortune kelvin
    November 12, 2017

    Patient moves mountain at the point where we aren’t aware of what the lord was preparing us ,we make wrong decision. I have learnt to be cautious of my actions and what I need to say at the right time. God be my helper. Thanks


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