About Tru.Works

The name Tru.Works comes from two words and those words are truth and works. Tru.Works is the platform that showcases the true, honest, and real works and ideas our community is actually performing.

Tru.Works believes that there is more good being done in the world than bad. We believe that our fellow neighbors want more peace than destruction. Yet, in the every day, the mainstream media and day to day news reports more on the bad than the good. While it’s important to know about the problems in our society, we think it’s also important to share the good.

Tru.Works wants to report the good works our local community is doing and connect good neighbors with good neighbors.

If we all work together to understand each other then, we believe we could then formulate more plans that help the greater good. But we do need to talk to each other more and respectfully.

The more conversations we have then the more ideas can be shared.

The more ideas we share the more solutions we can bring to our community.

At Tru.Works we want to share the stories of our neighbors and initiate conversations that are constructive and helpful to our local community one story at a time.


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