Are You Wasting Time?

Are You Wasting Time
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March is halfway through and we have passed 1/4 of the year already. Daylight savings time has come and Spring is right around the corner which it may feel more distant especially since New York City was bombarded with snow yesterday.

What I want to get to is that Spring is a couple weeks away and I’ve kept my new year resolutions. I’ve been healthy and worked out much and have gotten a raise. I’m saving money and I’m happier and more in love with my husband as each day passes.

I still curse from time to time but it’ll get better soon.

I think that I’ve done a great job in keeping my time and schedule packed with things to do and plenty of rest. I’ve begun Tru.Stories. Fixed my mobile site, revamped my email newsletter and increased my following. I’m even getting help by a mentor and being recognized by celebrities for my writing and Tru.Works.

This year I plan on creating a following and talking to more people about Tru.Works. I want to begin a movement and create more income to expand.

I strongly believe I haven’t been wasting any time. The reason for that is simple. I’m not wasting time because I’m deliberately planning out how my time is used.

Every day I set my schedule, I work, work out, write, podcast, design and update the website in some type of way.

Not only am I scheduling my time on my business but I’m working on time with my spouse as well.

My husband means the world to me and with our ups and downs, I’m planning on a year of more ups than downs in our sex life, finances, and vacations.

I’ve learned that these things happen when they’re planned out. When ideas are planned and when a focus is implemented all stars will align.

With focus and deliberate action, your plans and resolutions will come about. that is certain.

What if I’ve already wasted the beginning of the year?

Hey, that’s alright because we’re going to be doing things today.

Let’s get a pen and notebook and write down anything and everything you want to accomplish.

Write it all down.

Now, look at your list. what can you do tomorrow? What can you do the next day? Tackle ONE thing at a time.

Now, what’s the big thing on your list? That one thing you have to separate it and make it into smaller goals.

Now tackle those one day at a time.

Think about the things you want to make better. This includes things in your home, family, health. work, and future goals.

What do you wanna be by the end of the year? What do you want to be accomplished by December 2017?

December 2017 is only 9 months away and as quickly as these 3 months passed so will the other 9 that are coming?

2017 was declared by many that it’ll be their year. Have you made it your year yet?

It’s time to pick yourself up and begin the process of making a new you.

It’s never too late to try new things, pick up a pen and write things down. There’s always more paper.

Write everything down, write your ideas down quickly. Don’t ever think you’ll remember them because you’ll forget them as quickly as they popped into your head.

This is not a year of wasted time, this is your year of valuable time. This is the year where you accomplish at least one thing. don’t let 2017 pass you by!

Yessenia is a compelling and innovative program and operations manager who uses her 5+ years of experience in operations management and graphic design to determine small business needs in the areas of inventory costs, labor expenses, P&L, COGs, marketing, and graphic design to create and manage profitable plans for small businesses and individual projects. She is the Owner and Founder of Tru.Works.

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