Before You Ask God For Anything

Before You Ask God For Anything
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Before you ask God for anything ask yourself, ” Do I believe God can give me what I want?”

You see, God can do anything. It’s truly unexplainable how Powerful and Almighty He truly is. The wonderful thing is that He is also Caring and Loving as much as He is other amazing things.

He also loves when we ask Him for things. The reason for that is because it declares to Him that you need Him. We should trust that He will help us.

This is when I need to check myself. I’m going to admit that I almost never pray for myself.

It’s so hard for me to believe that God listens to me. My brain knows that He does but my heart tells me otherwise. It’s hard for me to accept that God loves me. Again, my brain knows He does yet my heart struggles to believe it.

It’s my own issue. The reason I struggle with this is that I don’t like to ask God for anything. I feel as if I’m not worthy to ask Him for help. I feel as if there are others who are more deserving of the help than I am.

This is a legalistic mindset. I’m trapped in a cycle that glad I’m aware of and I need to get out of it.

I’m so glad that I do know that this is wrong for me to think like this. Maybe you struggle with this too.

It is true that Jesus took our place on the cross and He gave us his blessings. We did not deserve this but He did this for us. We are now able to have whatever Jesus deserves. Pastor Joseph Prince does a great job describing this in his sermons.

It was Joseph Prince who taught me that I was living a life of condemnation.

Of course I will sin, and of course, I don’t deserve God’s blessings in my life, but Christ does thanks to Jesus. This is why we must be grateful for Jesus’ sacrifice. To continue acting as if I don’t deserve God’s blessings downplays what Christ did for you and I.

In remembrance of Christ is how we should live. Because of Him, Father God, Daddy God, Wants us to strive to be the best we can be. We will mess up along the way, that’s inevitable, but, we should keep trying.

Thank Jesus for what He did. Expect that God wants to answer your prayers. He loves you.

Jesus gave Him the ability to do so in this New Covenant. God loves Jesus, His Son. He loves His creations, which is you and me.

He will do everything and anything to help us. He will go above and beyond what you and I can imagine to help us. This is God’s desire.

It’s time to let go of the idea that God wants nothing to do with us. This barrier we keep, this separation we have with God has to stop. He won’t force Himself on us, so we must reach out to Him and remind ourselves of His promises every day.

When we stay active in His word we will constantly be reminded of the good things God has done and will do for us.

The crazy thing about me is I have absolute faith that God has my back. I just struggle with asking Him for more than just getting by.

I need a new job. I’m going to ask God for that. The same faith I have knowing that He won’t let me starve or be without a home I should also believe that He’ll provide me with advancement and a better career.

Not only a better career but freedom from debt, a better marriage, and great health. A long life is what I want and my own business.

I got to ask God for these things. Why would I want to do this all by myself when God would help me and lead me to the right path instead of trusting in myself and going in blind, I know that God will lead me in the perfect direction.

I just got myself excited.

I can’t wait to write down my goals and ask God for help in any areas I feel I need help in. I encourage you to do the same.

Whatever it is that you may need, believe that God wants to Help you succeed and fulfill your destiny, the destiny and goals he planted in you from birth.


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