Autumn Reflections

Autumn Reflections
Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

What is it about autumn that reminds you of the year before especially when the leaves start to fall it’s nostalgic. The trees make you reflect on the green of summer and the blue of winter. We remember winter returns every year and we ask ourselves if we have done anything great this year while we walk through the sea of leaves.

Christmas is near but for now, we have Halloween, and Thanksgiving to enjoy but when the New Year comes it bothers us a bit to know that we never did complete our last year resolutions. Sometimes we remember our failures but that’s because it is easier to remember failures more than accomplishments. The weight we didn’t lose and the trip we forgot to take just consumes your thoughts.

We remember the people we never apologized to and the screw-ups we had. The relationships, friendships, and family we had is hard to face as the year ends but you know there is at least one beautiful thing about this time of the year.

Some may say that the world will end this year. Most of us know that we’ll hear those trumpets that day and no one knows when that day will be. For now, we know another year is coming. That’s the exciting thing that we can finally start over. Resolutions may seem cheesy to make but it’s what has us hope the next year will be better.

As we walk through the city and focus on the fallen colored leaves we breathe in the old year. What’s great about this time is when we start to reflect and talk to God about all the fun things we did. We enjoyed fireworks, weddings, the beach, hot chocolate, snowmen and swimming but like I said everyone remember the good but rather quickly we remember the bad memories.

See, that’s where God comes in. Any wasted time will always be given back to us. Not literally but through Christ. I wasted 2009 to 2014 and now I have done more in 2015 than I have ever done in those years combined. You know, it’s not so bad walking with God and asking Him for a better year, better relationships and better goals. It’s actually relieving to know that the Creator is listening to me.

Let off some steam as you reflect this year. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Remember that our memories are beautiful things that we learn from and believe that the following year will be the best year you ever had financially, socially and in work. You can believe these things because God is a rewarder. He rewards those who move toward their goals and dreams which he gave you at birth. Fulfill your destiny this is the year of restoration.

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