Being a Good Wife to a Bad Husband

being a good wife to a bad husband
being a good wife to a bad husband

Being a Good Wife to a Bad Husband

My biggest fear in the world is divorce. My second biggest fear is being alone. Both these fears have triggered a lot of personality issues for me. When I first got married I wanted to be the best wife in the world so that my husband would not leave me or divorce me. Lo and behold, I was so obsessive about being a great wife that I was actually annoying.

As a ‘great’ wife, I had meals cooked every day, sex was always on the table, I babied my husband and was always home for him but at the same time, I was unhappy. I found that he was just being himself while I was trying to be a ‘good’ wife.

While I was busy being a ‘good’ wife, working and coming home every night waiting for my husband, he was out dance practicing and spending time with friends, and enjoying his life. This used to upset me so much. I hated that I would be home waiting for him while he would tire himself out and have no energy left to spend with me.

Was I really a good wife?

This went on for 2 years. It wasn’t until after I hit a depressive state, when I knew something was wrong. There was nothing my husband could do to make me happy anymore. I was so unhappy that I had even thought about leaving my husband and following my own dreams as he does but I always thought that was the wrong thing to do.

One day, I remember clearly my husband was driving and I was sitting in the passenger seat so upset and we began talking about what we were gonna do about me. He was so upset that I was always home, he absolutely hated it. He was so fed up that in the middle of the conversation he told me to:

Stop being a good wife, and to be selfish and follow my own dreams.

I had a good husband the whole time

I was shocked with this response from him. But I felt like all my chains were cut off from my body and I was finally free to be me again. I was certain that this man of mine was crazy and that I drove him off the edge but he found that he was not happy that he was enjoying his life while I wasn’t.

He told me that if I go out and there’s no food prepared at home he’s not going to die. It doesn’t make me a bad wife either and it’s not enough of a reason for him to want to divorce me. It just means he has to feed himself. Which he needs to learn to do anyway. Otherwise, he won’t be able to feed himself when he’s out of town or when I am out on business.

My husband assured me that I was a great wife. It would make him even happier if I followed my dreams.

This radical change in our marriage was what led us to move to New York City. That way we can both follow our dreams. I’ve never been in more of a happier place than this season of my life. Especially in my relationship with my husband. We may see each other less and I’ll even cook less too but now we share more responsibilities. Now I’m not a crazy, obsessed wife anymore.

I thought I was being a good wife to a bad husband. My husband was a better spouse than me. More stories like this one below:

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2 years ago

I always was concerned in this topic and still am, thankyou for putting up.

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