Best Video Production Company in Salinas, CA?

Best Video Production Company in Salinas, CA?

Located in Salinas, California, LC1 Productions provides production services for businesses small and large throughout California and America. LC1 Productions has a portfolio full of many kinds of artistic projects. Luis Contreras, owner and founder of LC1 Productions, and his team shot commercials, and headshots, and produced internal company videos and promotional videos for companies like McDonald’s and Toyota. By far, LC1 Productions is the best video production company in Salinas, CA.

When I discovered LC1 Productions, I made it my goal to understand why Luis Contreras decided to start a production company and what made LC1 Productions successful.  Luis’ story needed to be shared so that others who may have been brought up like him can see that they also can strive to become a video production company owner like him.

Here are the questions I thought were important to ask Luis about LC1 Productions:

Tell us about your business. What services does LC1 Productions offer?

My business is a video production company. We provide Video Commercials, Internal company Videos, Testimonials, etc.

How did you get into cinematography? What is your history?

I’ve always been fascinated by technology and gadgets, and that passion ignited my journey into video production. My venture began in 2014 when I delved into flying drones, capturing footage that initially intrigued me but eventually became monotonous. Tired of the same old aerial views, I decided to diversify by recording from the ground, prompting me to invest in the first phone gimbals available. This marked the beginning of my foray into video recording.

Starting with iMovie on my phone, I quickly outgrew the platform within six months, upgrading to a $600 DJI Osmo camera with an attached gimbal. Transitioning to Adobe Premiere, I delved deeper into video editing, steadily expanding my repertoire.

In 2016, during a trip to Mexico, I created a video showcasing my parents’ hometown. Inspired by the positive response, I launched a Facebook account for Lc1 Productions, which gained immediate traction. Within 24 hours, the video garnered 20k views, propelling me further into the world of video production.

Motivated by this success, I received my first wedding booking from a family member in Denver, Colorado. Investing $7,000 in film equipment, I specialized in wedding videos for two years before discovering my true passion for creating promotional videos.

In 2019, I took a bold step and quit my job to pursue videography full-time. Seizing the opportunity, I documented behind-the-scenes footage of a movie, impressing the directors. The pandemic, which struck three months after my career shift, provided a chance to refine my skills, ultimately leading me to film behind-the-scenes in Hollywood.

Nowadays, I’ve shifted my focus to my local community in Salinas, CA, dedicating my expertise to assist local individuals and businesses with compelling video content.

What makes LC1 Productions Unique?

We are unique because our team does this out of passion, not merely for the money.

Why is your video production company located in Salinas, CA?

Salinas is my hometown, where most of my family resides, and I love being here.

What challenges did you have while building your video production company?

No more spending money on fancy toys; all the money will now go towards my business.

What advice would you give someone starting their own video production company?

To ensure genuine passion, given the high maintenance costs associated with achieving top-quality work, it’s crucial that they truly love it.

Who helped you build your company along the way?

My parents supported me all the way, and my wife also showed trust in my expenses and travels. That’s the only path to success—having unwavering support from your significant other.

What has been the most rewarding project you have worked on so far?

I believe working for McDonald’s has been the most rewarding; they took care of us and appreciated the final product.

What future do you see for LC1 Productions?

For my company to grow, create more jobs, and also contribute more to the community.

What were you like when you were younger? Did you envision yourself becoming a business owner as a child?

My younger self was someone with many dreams of becoming someone, but I didn’t envision myself as a business owner.

How did you grow your video production business?

I had a full-time job for a while, then I had to let it go so my business could thrive. Clients won’t take you seriously if you have more than one job because they perceive that you won’t focus on their project as much.

What aspects of your business are you currently working to improve?

I’m working on better quality and bigger clients!

What did you learn about yourself while building your business?

That I was capable of doing a lot and was more creative than I thought I was.

If you could go back and change a decision you made for your business, what would you change?

Investing more money into my business from day one.

If you’re looking for help with videos for your small business, photos, social media video content, and any other video production I highly suggest reaching out to Luis Contreras using his website, LC1 Productions.

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