BET’s One Shot, a New Hip-Hop Agenda

BET's One Shot, a New Hip-Hop Agenda
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That love of hip-hop has led Kxng Crooked, and DJ King Tech to produce One Shot, a new BET competition show in which Sway and the producers are in search of the next undiscovered hip hop artist. One Shot’s first episode had aired Tuesday, August 23rd and the series will continue on BET on Tuesday nights at 10p.m. until its final episode in September.

One Shot’s goal is to showcase and locate the next big rapper who will receive a label deal and 100,000 dollars from another executive producer Mike Smith. Mike Smith himself will award the 100,000 dollars and the deal to his label, SMH Entertainment, to the winner of One Shot. It only makes sense that Mike Smith is a judge for One Shot, alongside Kxng Crooked and DJ King Tech. Not only will these judges appear in every episode but there will be a featured celebrity judge sitting next to them in each episode.

The idea of having celebrity judges further establishes what the One Shot series is looking to make clear to audiences unfamiliar with hip-hop which is that hip-hop is a serious genre that many people connect with. The judges look for great lyrics, stage presence, and a genuine connection with the hip-hop style itself in every contestant that participates.

With Sway as the host of One Shot, the judges further establish their understanding of hip-hop history and how hip-hop culture is important to them. Sway hosts with a deep connection to One Shot because of his background with rap and b-boying and it is this knowledge in hip-hop culture that makes Sway a perfect host to One Shot. Each judge is reputable with years of experience in the hip-hop game, and together with Sway, make a great cast.

In the first episode of One Shot, we are brought to Atlanta to find America’s next Hip Hop star. We are introduced to the concept that each contestant must perform in front of the judges with an original song. Talk about taking hip-hop seriously, each contestant must bring their own lyrics, style, and presence to the auditions. Every contestant is motivated by the chance to win 100,000 dollars and a record deal with SMH Records.

Each episode is shot with the judges sitting down examining each contestant. Right away, we see that some contestants cannot be taken seriously when they perform their rap songs and others can spit lyrics smoothly like poetry. In the end, the judges are looking for genuine artists who want the prize bad and show it in their small performances. It is encouraging that the judges want to find someone who is as serious about hip-hop culture as they are.

By the end of auditions, the judges have listened to thousands of contestants spit their hearts out in front of them. They not only have heard the lyrics of each aspiring rapper but their stories behind the reason they’re pursuing a career in hip-hop. From the thousands of contestants, they pick a final six to perform in front of a celebrity judge and a live audience.

T.I. and DJ Drama take part in judging each performance of the final six and as intense as each performance is only one of the six can attend the finals in New York City. The thought behind One Shot is inspiring and entertaining to watch. It’s unbelievable that each artist has to come up with their own songs and perform them live. Many of these artists have little experience in front of an audience and to hear the judges criticism motivates each contestant to be better whether they win or not.

For those of you who follow hip-hop and enjoy the genre, One Shot will not only bring you back to hip-hop’s humble beginnings but will bring a smile back to your face knowing there are people out there that recognize hip-hop and its influence in today’s generation.

If you’re looking for a show that will inspire you to follow your dreams with a mix of hip hop, One Shot is for you. You can follow One Shot every Tuesday on BET at 10p.m. Eastern time. If you missed the first episode you can watch it on BET’s website.

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