Change Your Mind to Turn Your Day Around

Change Your Mind to Turn Your Day Around
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The greatest days are rare. You know those days where you have extra cash in your pocket and when nothing goes wrong. It’s those days where you laugh and you get along with people that you usually don’t get along with that bring you hope that something better is coming your way.

not only is the day great but your mind is clear. There are no worries in your head, no anxieties or stresses. These good days give you hope that life isn’t all that bad.

When you expect bad things to happen in the morning like being late to work, your thoughts can actually make this happen. You can change things around by changing your train of thought and tricking your mind into believing that you’ll have a great day instead.

Once you let go of the bad morning you had great things will fill up your day instead.

When you let go of the negative thoughts and mindset that your life is bad and that unfortunate events also happen to you all the time- good things will come your way instead.

When your thoughts change for the better you give space for actual good things to come. This is the way the universe works. This is the law of attraction.

change your negative thoughts. Those negative thoughts and ideas are producing negative results in your life. Negative thoughts bring negative events into your life.

Think about it. When you had those bad days did you wake up assuming you would have a bad day? Most likely, you woke up with less than eight hours of sleep, no exercise and the lack of the great breakfast. This early mistake can trigger a whole lot of hell for the rest of your day. We can assume most likely you started off your day wrong. Even missing an hour of sleep can affect your mood and your attitude the next day.

This effects your attitude for the day. How you end your day, your next day begins.

Choose to have a great day tomorrow. Sleep a little earlier and plan to have a great breakfast in the morning and make sure to exercise. Read a good book or listen to informational sources. Read the Bible or take communion whenever you want.

People just don’t understand that you choose to have a good day.  If someone belittles you choose the reaction you have to their comment. If you get fired you choose the reaction you have to the bad news. No matter what happens to you, you choose how you want to take it.

Once you begin to choose to have a great day it is also important to be grateful for those great days you get.  Some people have wonderful days and live with roaches and some people have wonderful days and enjoy the beach every day.  No matter what you were given you choose the attitude you want to live with every day.

Every morning it is your responsibility to decide how you want your day to go. Choose to have a great day and be absolutely grateful for what you have but don’t settle for what you do have as your forever. Continue to shoot for more. Continue to think about having more. Be grateful for what you have now and when the good times come you’ll look back and remember where you came from.

The people who choose to have a bad attitude stay in the same place and complain about where they’re at yet they do absolutely nothing to get out of their situation.

This is not going to be you, friend. You are going somewhere and where you’re going it is unbelievable.

Choose your destiny. Believe in yourself and your dreams. Envision the future that you want daily and be thankful for your blessings.

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