What’s the Right Way to Blog?

So I’ve found that after a year and a half of writing for Tru.Works that I’m battling with how I should write and to be more specific I was not sure in what voice I should write. My question was if I should share my experiences in life or if I should share “how to’s” about life. What’s the right way to blog?

What's the Right Way to Blog
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My immediate goal is to share articles that are step by step on how to do life. That was the goal of Tru.Works but I eventually realized that the reception for these kinds of articles were not well received. For example, atheists and secular people would get so angry over my opinions on how to do anything based on my personal experience.

I, of course would never try to offend anyone but the best thing about being an entrepreneur is that you don’t wait to do something until it is perfect. My first goal is always to provide my experience in life so that you can hear where I’m coming from but of course I did not always write this way.

With that, I learned that from this point forward I will write completely from my own experience. I know that in this writing style I won’t offend as many people because what is written is written because of my life experience.

To be honest, the more people who are offended by my posts means the more people who are talking about my posts which means the more visitors my website receives which is awesome for me. So thank you!

With that being said, for those of you who have been following me from the beginning I what to thank you for automatically understanding that my posts were of my own life experiences and not because I am gifted with the ability to explain life it’s because of the experiences Daddy God gave me in my own life.

With that, thank you for your time and I pray that this is understood without confusion whatsoever.

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