Comparing Your Life to Others

Focusing on other people has been said to be a destroyer of motivation and faith in yourself. It’s hard watching people walk past you with Michael Kors bags and shoes made of some type of animal and then look down and realize you’re working so hard and feel like you’re not getting anywhere.

Comparing Your Life to Others
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Once your focus shifts toward other people you can get angry and depressed. Sometimes you might get frustrated enough that you can make stupid decisions like quit your job, sell drugs, buy something unnecessary.

That moment you realize you’re watching someone else and comparing your life to what you think is their life. In reality a lot of these people are like you. They’re also comparing their lives to your life. They also think you have a great life and money to spend.

When you really think about it, while you’re focused on what everyone else is doing you’re not really doing anything.

Take a breather and relax. It’s not the end of the world. Let’s move on and get back to work. You work hard now, while you’re young so that you can relax when you’re older.

It’s hard when you see that some kids have so many opportunities handed to them and you have nothing going for you.

Today is the day where you change your mindset. Start telling yourself that you’ll be rich and that you’re a hard worker. Become the hard worker. Learn about financial investments and research rich people.

Did you ever wonder how they got rich? Here’s a couple people to start out with:

Everyone on the list has been poor and by that I mean they have had $0 to their name and went through homelessness and periods of time of poor decisions.

Let’s stop the moaning and groaning and learn how to take charge of our own destinies.

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