Control Over Your Emotions

Control Over Your Emotions
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Are you possibly known as that lady or man that is happy one second and the very next moment you get into a depressive state or angry mood? Bipolar is what your friends may call you and you may have even started thinking that you are but we believe that you probably aren’t bipolar and need help controlling your emotions.

Bipolar is what your friends may call you and you may have even started thinking that you are but we believe that you probably aren’t bipolar and need help controlling your emotions.

If you are a female you may have most likely grew up allowed to express your feelings and as a young boy, you probably have been taught to control those feelings except maybe the feeling of being angry. Of course, some of you may be the exact opposite of this stereotype and that’s fine too.

I don’t blame you because society, especially in the United States, has molded us to be this way. Girls can cry, men cannot. Girls talk, men don’t. Woman feel, men, do not. It’s what makes us a man and what doesn’t.

Yet, if you’re known as an overemotional being whether you’re male or female, and you know that you are always out of control with your mood, then my friend you have a problem.

You have to learn how to control your emotions and understand that your emotions shouldn’t control you or your mood. They’re red flags that tell you that something is wrong.

Controlling your emotions doesn’t mean holding everything in. It means understanding that emotions are indicators that let you know something is up with you. Feelings don’t mean you let them out or share them with people all the time. Whenever you feel upset it’s your job to ask the big question, “Why do I feel like this?”

You aren’t supposed to go figure it out online or ask people what to do with your feelings or share them with just anyone. it’s your job to understand why you have them and how to act upon them. Letting out your feelings all the time is pointless.

At this point in your life, you may have let emotions make decisions for you. You were angry so you stole something from someone, you were upset so you ate more that day, you were jealous so you broke up with that girl.

Instead, we should understand what we feel and why before we make a choice based off of our feelings.

If you’re angry, find out for yourself why you are angry. Did you step on a Lego? Did someone yell at you or did you disappoint yourself? When you know the reason for your current feelings you can defeat them and begin to smile once more.

If you’re down in the dumps, figure out what may have caused this feeling to come about and how can you fix or deal with this emotion.

Some time ago someone made it okay to express your emotions all the time. That person was wrong. Little things should be handled by you constantly. it’s your job to discern what is a big deal and what’s not.

No one can deal with all your emotions because everyone has their own problems. Do not blame others for not understanding you, it’s not their job to. It’s your job to.

Bigger emotions like the ones that came from experiencing the death of a loved one, can’t always be handled alone. Emotions like this should be shared with others. But we must be careful always that our emotions don’t take control of us and lead us to anger management class or depression.

It takes time to control your emotions. But the more and more you practice not reacting everything that comes your way the more control you have over yourself, your mind, and your actions.

Our feelings weren’t meant to dictate what we do in life. The were meant to warn us of something going wrong, or that something going right.

With this understanding, I hope you can begin to enjoy more days of happiness. Remember you aren’t perfect and you will mess up so constantly apologize and forgive yourself and move on. Let go of the emotional baggage and live another day free from feelings holding you down.

Yessenia is a compelling and innovative program and operations manager who uses her 5+ years of experience in operations management and graphic design to determine small business needs in the areas of inventory costs, labor expenses, P&L, COGs, marketing, and graphic design to create and manage profitable plans for small businesses and individual projects. She is the Owner and Founder of Tru.Works.
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