Do I Need to Work for My Salvation?

Do I Need to Work for My Salvation?
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Man, there are two types of Christians. The one’s that believe you have to keep working for your salvation and the other who know that they’re saved when they accept Christ into their hearts and that’s it.

The second type of Christian live knowing that a life in which you don’t’ get to know Christ isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and because of their understanding of grace, they want to get to know Jesus more naturally. The more they know Jesus the less they want to do anything to ‘hurt’ Him by sinning.

Just because they sin, they’re not condemned to go to Hell. They’re saved no matter what.

The first kind of Christian will never know if they’ll get to Heaven or not. This is because they believe they have to keep getting to know Christ and the Bible to stay saved.

My question to you is how do you know when you’re saved? How do you know when it’s enough. How many pages of scripture do you have to read? How many lives do you need to save? How much bible knowledge must you have before you can get into Heaven? How do you know when you’re done? When is it all over? When are you saved?

My answer to you is that no matter what you do it’ll never be enough. The devil will keep asking you to read more pages, and no matter how many pages you’ve read in the Bible to the devil it’ll never be enough. He’ll just keep you in the cycle of thinking you’re not saved.

It wasn’t until I learned from a great preacher, Joseph Prince, that I’m saved. That’s it. I’m saved and Christ gave me his righteousness that I don’t deserve. Anything Christ deserves I now deserve.

I was mind-blown when I learned of this. I had no idea this is what it meant to be saved.

Do you know what I can do with this knowledge? I’ll never take anything for granted. I’ll never sin on purpose, I’ll just want to do good because I was given something I don’t deserve. Using myself as a prime example, I’ve attended church for most of my life where I’d always had to work for my salvation.

I’d have to keep going to church, be good to people, follow the commandments but it always felt like an act. Like I was trying to be this way. It wasn’t natural.

Even unsaved people can detect Christians who are fake. It’s everywhere but when I received the REAL Good News I was forever changed. Man, I want to do good things now. I have become a better person. I have a genuine care for people (as an introvert my care is more distant) and a love for humanity that I didn’t have back then.

Before I was truly saved I felt like I was a good person and I did my best but when I sinned, I distanced myself from God.

I remember telling a friend that I’d rather stay away from God to have less problems than to keep the whole church thing going and she encouraged me to find my own way of doing things.

Man, was she right.

After 5 years, I learned on my own what true salvation was. Since my true salvation, (2013) I’ve been transparent with God and feel like I can go to Him any time I want to. I never felt like I had to keep asking for forgiveness of my sins to talk to Him. If I did, man I’d have to think day and night about everything I’ve messed up on instead of focusing on being a light to a friend in the dark.

Please guy, it’s not plausible to have to be so focused on our sinful selves. We can’t keep this focus on us, our focus should be put onto other people. We can’t be perfect to help people. This is what people love.

I find that I’m in constant debate with Christians who stand for God’s Word but don’t implement His main job for us which is to love people because they’re so busy working on their salvation.

Guys you are saved. Stop making things harder than they really are. The Gospel is simple.

As much as I can try to explain salvation or Jesus, it’s up to each man to find their own Way to Jesus.


  1. Katherine Williams
    February 15, 2017

    The bible says work out your salvation. Because you got saved you will still sin. Ask forgiveness ask for help from God. When you break God commandments he is not happy keeping them don’t save you Jesus does but don’t break them if you do ask for victory over it every time. Pecan over come by the power of the holy spirit which Jesus will give judgment day you want to hear well done.enter into my government

  2. Eghehan Francis (@mcfran6)
    February 15, 2017

    Wow! The simplicity of the gospel is foolishness to those that are wise in their own eyes. Salvation can’t be earned, only faith in the finished work of Christ brings salvation. Joseph Prince is indeed a champion of the gospel of Christ.

  3. Angella Jean-Louis
    June 1, 2017

    Great post. We have to always remember that grace saved us, not our “good works”. But we still have to be obedient and follow God’s word. The things that we do as a Christian is not what’s saving us, it’s the grace of God. We’re actually doing these things to be a better us. Not to look good in God’s eyes. We can never look good in God’s eyes on our own, we need his grace.

    1. Yessenia Diaz
      October 24, 2017


    2. Yessenia Diaz
      October 24, 2017

      Totally true, thank you!


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