Do You Believe You Can Lose Your Salvation?

Can I Lose My Salvation?
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Do you believe you can lose your salvation?

The other day I had a young man by the name of Phil came up to me while I was about to have lunch at Whole Foods. I was ready to grub, and he asked me if he could have a word with me. He let me know that he currently attends a church class that requires him to be bold and give a speech about a specific topic. I said sure, because I am  “good” Christian and thought I should be nice and let him give his speech. Actually, I knew that the right thing to do was to let him give his speech because that is what Jesus would have done (more on that later). His topic of choice was on: The Old and New Testament, what does testament mean and the difference between the old and the new testament.

I was actually in shock when he brought up the topic at hand because I am a Jesus Believer and don’t have the guts to do what he is doing at random but I was a bit angry because I was starving and only had one bite of my meal and had to listen to Phil while my food was staring back at me on the table.

It’s wild how human we truly are!

Phil went on with his speech and had great points which included:

  • The word testament is an archaic or old way of saying “covenant”
  • the Old Testament gave examples of our relationship with God in the physical realm
  • the New Testament gave examples of our relationship with God in a spiritual realm
  • everyone is responsible for learning the Word, or bible, and to get to know God for themselves

All these points are valid and I actually agree with them. I have never thought of the bible in this way until Phil spoke with me. I enjoy receiving a refreshing way of looking at scripture even if it’s while I’m eating.

Listening Deeply

I was listening to Phil very deeply. I have a habit, which I believe is a good habit, where I listen with precision the words coming out of someones mouth when they speak to me. Some may even say that when I’m listening to you speak I am judging your words. Actually, I may not be judging them exactly but I am listening intently and making sure that what you say makes sense and is accurate to me.

About two years ago, I had listen to someone about a topic in the bible that is controversial. What this man said, I took to heart and when he finished his message my life was completely shattered and my search for Truth was at a halt. Since that day, I never take what people say, especially if it’s about scripture, word for word in the moment. With that, this is why when Phil spoke, I listened profoundly.

Mixed Message

What I felt from my friend Phil was that he was sending a mixed message. The message of religion mixed with grace. This message is destroying the lives of Christians daily. This message is keeping Christians in an endless cycle of life and death. I’ll explain more in a bit.

There was something that Phil said that triggered me asking him a simple question but I waited until he was done with his speech before I asked my question. He stated that we read the bible to learn about Christ so that we can be good Christians and keep our salvation. Of course, he didn’t say that exactly but in translation, it is what he meant.

He was finally done with his speech, which I still believe was a great speech, but I could not let him leave without correction. I cannot let the Word of God be twisted this way. The understanding and love that Jesus has for me is so much that I could not let Phil let Jesus be represented this way. I know Phil was doing his best and I felt sad that he had still not know the full Truth and so I had to shake him and ask him this question:

Do you believe you can lose your salvation?

Phil looked at me confused and so I asked again, and I asked more simply: If you are saved, is there anything you can do that will keep you from going to heaven?

Phil then explained to me that salvation was the first step and that we have to keep trying to stay good with God to keep our salvation.

I was so happy Phil said that because it is this belief that I want to squash. He was straight to the point but this belief is not true. Whether you want to believe it or not, Once you are saved, you are saved. No more, and no less.

Again, there’s nothing you can do to keep your salvation or lose your salvation. Once you accept Christ into your heart, you are saved. This is grace. Phil had then asked me, “isn’t this idea giving people a license to sin?” I answered Phil letting him know (not word for word) that the Truth of the grace of God through Jesus Christ is enough revelation to not want to commit a sin against Daddy God. People without this revelation do sins against Christ even though they are saved because they have no understanding of what Jesus gave us in return for Him taking our sins. Jesus gave us what He deserves.

What does Jesus Deserve?

I explained salvation further to Phil by explaining that anyone who accepted Christ into their heart is saved and that’s it. If at any moment you could lose your salvation how do you know, or I know if I am saved right now?

I cannot judge Phil, and Phil cannot judge me. Human beings can only see with their eyes and cannot see other human’s hearts. No one knows what I’m doing everyday and I don’t know what you are doing everyday. That’s God’s problem. All I know is that If everyday I lived my life unsure of my salvation after every time I curse at someone, or think badly of my spouse I would be driven crazy. Is that really what God wants for us in salvation?

If I believed that my salvation could be taken away at any moment then I would constantly have fear that I was going to hell. I would eventually distance myself from God because there would be no way out of this eternal hell. This is what people believe today.

Phil had let me know that this fear is a fear that makes you want to do good for God. I stated that this is correct for some people and for others it is not. The most humblest of people would know that they cannot meet God’s standard. God does not measure sin. If you do not meet 1 out of the 10 commandments you are condemned to hell eternally. Phil must have thought badly of someone. I asked him, how does he know he is still going to heaven right now?

2 types of believers

Half of all believers know they cannot meet God’s standard and so they distance themselves from Him. It is a humble decision because they know they are not worthy of establishing a relationship with God.

The other half of believers think that they can still meet God’s standards or at least ask for forgiveness from any sin that they commit that day. They live everyday aware of their sin and constantly asking for forgiveness from God. They are always unsure of their salvation because they are not truly sure they asked for forgiveness on every sin they have ever committed. This is the worst kind of Christian because they believe they have it figured out when the example of the first Christian knows they don’t have it figured out and has accepted it is the correct acceptance of our sinful ways as human beings. We need Jesus daily.

What I wanted Phil to understand was that no matter what he does from the moment he accepted Christ into his heart he cannot lose his salvation. Even if he kills someone or commits suicide, Jesus still loves Him dearly and his salvation is still intact.

“God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16, NIV).

All we have to do is believe. Believe Christ lived, died for our sins, and rose from the tomb of death and completed God’s plan for all people.

It is simple. Why do humans make this more complicated than we need to?

Now, before you yell at me, I know that suicide and murder is an unpardonable sin to most Christians when in fact, if you accepted Christ into your heart you are still saved and going to heaven. Refer to John 3:16 above if you don’t believe me.


Does this mean no matter what I do I can do whatever I want? You sly fox, you. If you accepted Christ into your heart then yes no matter what you do you’ll still go to heaven. Here are a couple examples of people in the bible who sinned and were still saved because of the covenant they had with Daddy God.

  • Noah was promised that he, his family and his descendants would never experience a universal flood again. Remember, Noah got drunk later and one of his sons found him and let others know his father, Noah, was drunk. Isn’t that a sin? Either way, to this day God has kept his promise with Noah.
  • Abraham was promised to have a child with his wife, Sarah, in old age. He was promised his descendants would multiply and cover the earth. Abraham and Sarah got desperate after waiting many years and decided to have a child with their Egyptian servant named Hagar. This child was named Ishmael. God still kept his promise and gave Sarah and Abraham, Isaac. To this day there is fighting between who the true heir of Abraham is, either Ishmael or Isaac, but God still kept his promise.

God never breaks his promises.

Grace, not a license to sin

Before you go on about your day, can I have you understand one thing? Right now, you only know half the Gospel. You understand that Jesus died on the cross and took all of our sins and became sin but did you know that when he took your sin He in return gave you His righteousness?

Righteous is defined by Merriam-Webster as:

  • morally good : following religious or moral laws
  • acting in accord with divine or moral law :  free from guilt or sin

Do you know what this means? It means that even though you and I do the stupidest things everyday, you and I can have no guilt. I can tell my conscience and the devil to shut up. Our conscience is given to us from birth. Everyday our conscience reminds us of all the stupid things we think about or have done in the past. Once you have accepted Christ into your heart you can now answer your conscience by declaring, “Shut up. I am righteous through Christ and with that I am saved.” You can now silence your conscience.

The conscience understands this because conscience understands justice, righteousness and law. The conscience knows that our salvation is paid. The conscience knows that when you sin you should be punished but because Jesus paid for your sins it is now silenced. Yes, the conscience may rise up in your or the devil may try to trick you into thinking you can lose your salvation but when you declare what Christ has done, neither the conscience or the devil can argue with you anymore. Isn’t that freeing!?

You do not have to punish yourself anymore!

The worst thing a believer can do is decide not to receive what Jesus deserves. This is pride. Instead of receiving what Jesus deserved you take what you deserve which is either punishment or reward for what your action was.

There are people who can do this for years. As Joseph Prince states in his 176 sermon, people can do this for 10 years and put all their effort, and strife into keeping their salvation.

Understand that if God were to judge you, it would be YOU At the cross and not Christ. It is amazing that Jesus did this for you. That He sacrificed Himself for you. Who are you to get this blessing?

Jesus deserves a Lamborghini. We can all agree on that. The wild thing is that now we get what Jesus deserves which is this Lamborghini. You no longer get what you deserve, you receive what Jesus deserves. This is what Daddy God has given you. He gave His only Son to die for you so that you can have eternal life and not only that but so that you can receive what Jesus deserves.

God is now on your side, on our side. He can do anything, and nothing is impossible to God. You can now have a positive expectation of good in your life knowing this.

Jeremiah 32:40

And I will make an everlasting covenant with them: I will never stop doing good for them. I will put a desire in their hearts to worship me, and they will never leave me.

Daddy God will never turn away from doing you good. This is an everlasting covenant for you, your spouse, and you family.

Acknowledge that He will not stop doing you good. He enjoys doing good for His people.

Fellow believer, do you understand this Gospel? It may be hard to fathom but it is the Truth that many Christians have no idea about. God has forgiven you greatly, and now we must forgive until the day we die.


With this knowledge, do you want to sin against Christ? Doesn’t it make you think before you do something stupid. It is this knowledge, this wisdom that motivates us everyday to try our best. This is our purpose. Our purpose is to share this true Gospel, the full Gospel. There is no one with this knowledge that would even think they can now get away with committing any sin.

It’s impossible.

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