Do You Know the 5 Needs of a Woman?

Do You Know the 5 Needs of a Woman 💁
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A while back we shared on Tru.Works the 5 needs of a man. They were sexual fulfillment, recreational companionship, an attractive spouse, domestic support, and admiration. To refer back to that article you can click here and read it now.

Before we list the 5 needs we do want to explain that every woman is different. Some may need more of need 3 than need 5. Other women may want little of 1 but more of 2.  Men if you’re reading this article be sure to find out what your woman needs.

Also, I have learned these needs through reading many books and only one book has captured this perfectly. “His Needs, Her Needs” by Dr. Willard Harley Jr. I suggest buying this book for a more in-depth explanation of a man and a woman’s needs. Click here to purchase the book.


Women love and need to be hugged and kissed without it leading to sex. Affection to women let us know you care for us more than our bodies. It lets us know that you will protect us and care for us.


You never hear about old husbands tales, they’re called old wives tales for a reason. God created every woman to enjoy conversation. We can talk to anyone and loved to be listened to but the person we want to talk to most is our husband. Conversation, intimate conversation, has us feel supported, that you love our mind, goals, and brain. It’s a reassurance of your love for us.


We need to be able to trust our husband. Without honesty, we lose trust on you and that drives a woman mad. Those are the ladies that track their husband’s whereabouts and don’t let them look at other women. They’re the women who want their husband back at 8 p.m when he’s out with friends. A woman needs to be able to trust her husband completely. It gives peace of mind. Word of advice: you don’t want a woman that doesn’t trust you.

Financial Support

Women will dream of the day when our husband will give us the card and drop us off at 5th avenue in Manhattan and let us shop until we drop. More importantly, a man that can control money and has money is a man that some women will divorce their current husband for. You’ve seen those women with the rich man or the older gentlemen with cash flow. Financial security is so important that either than sex this is the main reason marriages fail. That and sex.

Family Commitment

To a woman, there is no such thing as “I already went it’s your turn to feed the baby”. We absolutely need a man who will be a father to his children. A man that will support her as a mother and will be committed to the family.

This article is part of our marriage series. We want you to find your wife or husband. What you read above is something you should know before you get married. This knowledge will get you ahead of the game. Teach your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend this knowledge. They’ll come around. Marriage isn’t about what the other person isn’t doing for you, it is about what you can do for your loved one.

Forgive and move forward. This is just the beginning to fixing up your relationship. If this has changed your relationship tweet us at @trudotworks.



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