Doing Good Brings Bad

Doing Good Brings Bad
©Atlas Green 2016

Why do bad things happen to good people? Is there really anyone who’s entirely a hundred percent good? The answer to that question is a question. Because we all have our flaws- whether we do something evil or good everything you do has a ripple effect and in each ripple, the water moves back and forth to the good and to the bad.

I believe that on average I’m a good person. Only God can read and understand my heart. For the most part, I have great intentions and I find that evil challenges my intentions.

In the same way that the Avengers exist in their own world, they do much good to then citizens of their world. Yet with every move they make, they receive pushback from villains that create messy scenarios.

In my life, I’ll find that I shine wherever I go, and that’s because I believe I do my best to think of others before myself. My shine I want to bring onto others. Today, as I write my article I can reflect on my work shift earlier and how I let a coworker know I felt like she was yelling at me after I helped her handle a certain situation. While I tried to do good, she brought back a bad vibe.

I could have also misinterpreted the situation. I’ll blame myself before I blame others. But just because the good that you do may be challenged along the way it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep doing good.

Remember that bad challenges good but good will always challenge the bad.

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