Don’t You Want To Be Happy?

Don't You Want To Be Happy?
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Have you been staring at your walls all day long, all alone?

You are void of feeling and void of happiness with no more smiles and no more laughter inside of you.

Every day you choose to be alone and unhappy. You don’t seek good things anymore. You have chosen depression and to listen to the wrong thoughts about yourself more and more every day instead of the good thoughts.

No one can reach you and no one can get through to you anymore.

You have tried every day to make yourself smile and to bring yourself some sort of happiness but today is another day of sorrow and there’s no reason to be happy in life anymore.

To the person who lays in bed, watches television or plays video games all day pretending to get things done and letting time pass by this article is for you.

No matter what you think you’re doing and no matter what someone says you don’t listen anymore. You cannot hear the advice of others and you cannot see the pain you give everyone. You have turned against to your friends, family, and spouse.

You are completely selfish and lost touch with reality.

All you think about is you, what’s wrong with you, why you can’t do anything, why you can’t be happy anymore.

But, whatever it was that made you the way you are now, try to realize that this event was in the past and it’s time to move on.

No more excuses and it’s time to stop blaming everyone else for your problems and decisions and take responsibility for your actions. Don’t you want to be happy?

It is time to be happy again.

Shouldn’t you want to enjoy your life every day? Everyone has good days and not so good days but it doesn’t give you a reason to stop being happy. Your family and friends beg you to get up and start working on your happiness again.

You deserve to be happy. Your mind tells you that, but the other side of your mind wants you to get rid of your life.

That negative talk, those thoughts that are against you aren’t you. Those thoughts are the devil pretending to be you.

The disgusting thoughts, the accusations, the thoughts that bring you down are to be ignored, they aren’t you. Those are the devil’s words. He wants your mind, he wants you to be unable to fulfill your destiny.

The devil has been on this planet for more than a few thousand years. He knows how to bring down the greatest people with the biggest destinies.

This person is you.

The devil will start to bring you down from your mind.

He knows that whatever you believe about yourself you will speak out and begin to believe it. Whatever you believe about yourself will come to pass.

It begins with the one look in the mirror where you tell yourself that you’re overweight or that you look old. This isn’t you, it’s the devil bring your self-image down.

He wants to destroy you.

Later he makes you believe your husband doesn’t love you and that your family doesn’t care about you. Then he attacks your work life and makes you feel like your boss doesn’t see your hard work and that you’re never going to get anywhere in life.

All these thoughts are not your own. These are the devil’s words.

He wants you to lose out on your destiny and forget about the good things God has done for you.

If you’re unaware of these thoughts- of these false statements you begin to believe that you’re the one saying these things and that you’re the one who hates yourself.

Does that make sense?

Why would you be created to hate yourself? It makes absolutely no sense at all.

This is the devil.

For anyone of you who are deeply lost and truly believe those negative words about yourself, consider that you truly are a wonderful person.

You’re talented, you have a wonderful family, and loved ones that do love you. You’re smart and able to do anything you set your mind to.

It all starts with your mind.

Begin seeing yourself the way you used to see yourself.

Work on the things that are bringing you down.

If it’s your confidence, it’s time to go out and try new things.

If it’s your weight, it’s time to go to the gym and work on your cardio and lift weights.

You are amazing. You are special. You are one of a kind with a one of a kind dream placed onto your heart by God Himself. You just got to want to believe it too.

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