Dreamers Need Realists

Dreamers Need Realists
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Realists and dreamers clash heads but surprisingly we can also work together. I am a dreamer. I can’t tell you how much my idea will cost or how it’ll be made possible. I don’t see that and choose not to see it. Realists have ideas and can make them happen from the ground up, or at least, tell someone how to complete the ideas.

Both types of people can bless each other but I want to discuss dreamers for a moment. God made me a dreamer. I had no choice to be a realist but  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I actually think that everyone is a bit of both which is a great thing but even though we may be a balanced dreamer and realist both sides still rub against each other in the wrong way.

How many times have I had a dream, like the dream to go to Japan and a realist would ask me if I knew how expensive it is to travel to Japan.

When I decided to move to New York City, I was bombarded with, “Why would you want to pay expensive rents?” and “What will you do for a job?” or “You’ll end up coming back“. I even had someone say that it was pointless to move and I’ll never make it. Total dream killer.

I understand where these people are coming from but I want to state that these concerns only squash the dreamers motivation to go forth and figure it out. Dreamers want to go to Japan or move to another state and will do anything it takes to get there.

I even believe that God will provide the necessary funds or resources I need to do these things. Let me explain where I’m going for this.

See, it’s awesome to dream about things. I suggest picking 1 thing to dream about and move toward because the biggest flaw that dreamers have is that we keep on dreaming and we end up never doing anything about it.

Our dreams are beautiful and impressive but we keep coming up with dreams every day that we never pick a dream to make come true.

My dreams are to learn Japanese, move to Japan for a few months, make New York City my home and have a successful business. Before those dreams, I had more dreams that I used to be unable to sleep at night because I was stressed about not being able to not reach my goals. I was scared I would not be successful.

I was suggested to write my dreams or thoughts I had before bed and it has changed my life.

I had so many ideas and dreams I wanted to achieve that over time some weren’t so important. I remember that at one point I needed to adopt a Japanese girl before I was 30 and now I don’t need to do that. I may want to but it’s not as important of at least traveling to Japan or having my own children.

As a dreamer, I had so many dreams that would have taken so much effort to complete my goal. It took a realist to sit me down and explain to me why I needed to pick one thing that would eventually help me achieve the rest of the smaller things I wanted to do.

That’s why I became more serious about Tru.Works. Eventually, God willing, through Tru.Works I could spread the message to Japan. I could even start smaller projects like charities or maybe soon employ people. The possibilities are endless and exciting but I had to be real for the moment.

What does it take to start a business?

I had to learn so many things but in the end, I realized that the success of my business is up to me. What I put in counts and what I don’t do counts also.

Like I said earlier, God is ultimately in charge of my destiny. We dream big but God dreams with no boundaries. I may want to impact Japan but maybe God wants Me to impact the world for generations to come. I’ll never know until that time comes.

The amazing thing about dreaming up goals is that God wants to be challenged by our dreams. He wants us to ask us for provision and for income. He lives when we ask of those things from Him.

I almost want to believe that it is easier for dreamers to ask God for these things than it is for realist. I ask Daddy God for an amazing apartment. I ask God to pay off my debts and to bring my business. I ask the Father for ideas and creativity. He gives me things I could have never come up with n my own and they’re successful.

Admittedly, He tests my patience and my faith by having me wait for things to come true but it’s all according to his wisdom which is infinite.

I’m grateful to be a dreamer, but sometimes I want to be able to conjure up the details of my goals to make them more manageable.Thankfully, I can have help from a friend who’s a realist or practice tackling goals by taking one step at a time.

I want to say to the people with the realistic viewpoint on dreams that when you question a dreamer  you either squash their dreams or you enrage them to sprint toward their goal.

Are you a dreamer?

Do you have multiple goals? Maybe you can always come up with new ideas? Have you completed any goals? Have you started on jumping the tallest hurdle yet? Are you seeking God as you imagine the finish line?

The journey toward your goal is what gives God the ability to share Himself with other people. If God made everything easy, people would not believe God did things. You will have a journey, dreamer. Eventually, I had to get serious. It was and still is tough to keep a straight face and to not complain. Some days I forget why I wanted to do what I’m doing but Daddy God quickly reminds me.

Daddy God will quickly remind me why I’m doing what I’m doing. He has never failed me and has always provided the resources I needed to have what I have now. I know Tru.Works is headed somewhere. I’ve talked to many realists and have given this dream to God.

If you’re a dreamer and find yourself struggling to stick with a goal, I hope this article encourages you to write stuff down and to tackle one thing at a time.

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