What is Fasting?

What is Fasting?
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The other day I was talking about fasting with someone and they had no idea what fasting was.

They were utterly confused what the term, fasting, was and it was interesting to me that the word was never brought up to this person at all in their life which is great because I took that as an opportunity to teach (which I love to do) about fasting.

Teaching them had led me to write this article.

Fasting can be done for 2 reasons. You can either fast for health reasons, either to lose weight or settle your stomach, or you can fast as a religious act. Below, both reasons will be further explained.

Fasting for Health

You may have eaten way too much at Thanksgiving or at a party and may feel a little gross about it. So some people take the opportunity to fast a meal also known as to skip a meal. This can help you shave off some calories and help you keep your weight maintained. You never want to exaggerate and should research more information before you begin a large fast. Most people start out small and then enter into the realm of weekly fasts or longer.

This can help you shave off some calories and help you keep your weight maintained. Not only that but fasting can clear your stomach and calm your digestive tract.

For anyone who never has an empty stomach, it’s nice to have an empty digestive tract every once in a while. To calm your stomach and be empty is relieving for your internal organs. Constantly working out the liver, kidneys, and digestive tract can be overbearing for your body sometimes.

11 Myths About Fasting and Meal Frequency – Infographic

You can’t give your lungs and heart a break but you can surely help out your digestive tract by calming it down.

You never want to exaggerate fasting and should research more information before you begin a longer fast. Most people start out small and then enter into the realm of weekly fasts or longer.

The most I’ve personally had ever done is a 48 hour fast. Some people have trained their bodies to do more than that to a week.

Now you can also fast just meat, or just candy, and even just soda. That can give you many health benefits and can help you stop sugar, drug, or caffeine addictions.

Whatever and however long you fast, it’s good to try fasting to see if it could be beneficial to your own health.

Fasting for Spiritual Growth

Fasting doesn’t necessarily have to only deal with food, you can also fast social media, video games, books, websites, and anything in between.

To help you comprehend this better you have to think of this in a spiritual matter. Sometimes in your daily routine, you may have started noticing you’ve been on your phone a lot or watching Netflix obsessively and neglecting your Bible. As a Believer, you know that your daily purpose is to stay enveloped in the Word or the Bible and work on what God has destined you to work on.

It just so happens we are so blessed with social media, computers, delicious food, and other forms of entertainment that we can get all caught up in these things and forget to go to church, pray, or talk to God.

It happens to the best of us!

As a Believer when we choose to fast something that has our focus off from Daddy God it is to regain our relationship with Christ (and God). It’s not a healthy choice, although your body does benefit from it it’s a spiritual choice.

We withdraw ourselves from certain activities for a period of time or permanently to reignite our relationship with God.

Fasting for Your Life

Fasting is a choice that comes when you feel you need to do so. It’s not something you have to do to get skinny and you shouldn’t feel forced to fast for God. If you choose to fast we suggest reading more on how to correctly fast for your specific body type. You can also consult your doctor. If you want to do a spiritual fast you will be led by the Spirit in which fast you shall take.

If you have never felt like you needed to fast then, by all means, don’t fast anything at all. It is a Spirit-led action that you will know you need to do when the time comes.

More information can be found on Fasting for Beginners by David Mathis and 11 Myths About Fasting and Meal Frequency by Karen Reed.


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Anita High
6 years ago

I have fasted for both reasons and enjoy reading about it and seeing it being kept a part of the Christian faith! Thank you!

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