Friends Come and Go and That’s Okay

Friends Come and Go and That's Okay
Friends Come and Go and That’s Okay
©Clarisse Meyer 2017

When I was younger my friends were my whole world. I considered my friends closer to me than family. And as I grew up I realized that friends come and go.  This used to hurt me but now I realize that this is the best thing that life could have given us.

I strongly believe that we are meant to help each other, love each other, and laugh with one another. That moment with that friend may not last forever but that is okay because the older I get the more I realize that I’m so happy that the people I have met were only there for a moment in my life.

It’s not because they betrayed me or they hurt me but it’s because life continues and moves on. If I had to travel back down to each and every one of my friends anytime something happened to them while I live in New York City it would be so hard to do.

But I believe that most people have the common sense to realize that there comes a time where we must separate and that we won’t be as close as we once were and that’s good because at any moment you can both choose when to revive that friendship.

Maybe you guys will never revive your friendship or maybe someday soon you will but whether or not it ever happens again you still have a friend. It’s not the end of the world if you’re not close right now. A mature person understands that friends have their own lives to live.

Right now I currently have 1000+ friends on Facebook. It’s not to brag or explain that I am very sociable or anything like that. I’m stating that number to say there will always be people that I cannot be friends with all the time. I can’t give my whole energy to 1000+ people. That would drive me bananas!

But I know one thing I can do is send off positive messages and let my friends know that I’m doing alright. Another thing I can do is briefly let them know that I’m thinking about them and that I miss them and that I hope everything is OK. I know that they do that with me and I love to do that with them.

I know exactly who to go to when I need advice and they know that if they need advice they can come to me. I think what I’m trying to say is that friends do come and go but they’re not exactly gone. They’ll always be in your dreams, your memories, and on your social media.

There are some friends that you need at the moment and there some friends that last a lifetime. It doesn’t mean that they didn’t love you and that they don’t love you. It just means that they were ordained for a certain time of your life and that time is done.

Don’t beat up on your friends when they don’t communicate with you as much instead think about it as a favor. It’s better for you to have had that time with them than to force time with them. There is a time when you must let your children go and grow up and there is also a time when you must let your friends grow and live their life on their own.

Give your friends a break and a chance to learn to live on their own, because soon enough you’ll need your own time to grow.

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