Go the Extra Mile

Go the Extra Mile
Go the Extra Mile
©Ben Dumond 2017

The extra mile isn’t crowded. This is a quote that is used by many entrepreneurs to describe the type of work they are willing to do. The extra mile is long and arduous but the prize at the end of the ribbon you break at the finish line is what makes the run or journey worth it.

To be a part of the extra mile club you must work on a couple different traits. These are the traits that create the entrepreneur and leaves the settlers behind.

Working harder is a trait of the entrepreneur. The work ethic of an entrepreneur is incomparable to the work ethic of regular people. The entrepreneur doesn’t work a 9-to-5 job. The entrepreneur will do whatever it takes to get the job done. This means clocking in first and leaving last. This means learning and conquering the business that he’s in. And this all happens because he’s doing it for himself, not for his boss.

The entrepreneur starts her own businesses and grows them successfully through their leadership and thirst for knowledge and guidance from other successful people. They live, eat, and breathe, their industry. They’ll go to the meetings no one wants to go to, they’ll talk to the person no one wants to talk to, and they’ll handle all the work that nobody wants to.

The reason for this is to learn. The entrepreneur takes advantage of their workplace, or their situation to learn from the mistakes of their bosses and coworkers and suck up the good in the company to share with others.

Not only is the entrepreneur a superb employee but they are also powerful, positive, and relentless. No, is not an option. Negativity isn’t a source of energy for the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur surrounds himself with other entrepreneurial minds and positive yet hopeful mindsets.

The entrepreneur will never stay in a rut for long. They will do anything to get out of it. They know they were meant for & More and they believe it and every bone and blood vessel an artery in their body screams to the entrepreneur’s mind that failure doesn’t define them.

The entrepreneur knows that every failure is one step closer to a success story. There is no doubt in their mind that their destiny will be fulfilled.

One of the other qualities of an entrepreneur is that they know how to make money. The extra while for them is the extra dollar they make when closing a deal. Every dollar made is their count of success.

I described the entrepreneur as the person running the extra mile because it is solely the entrepreneurs of this world who seek out new ideas and make something of themselves. They don’t only contribute to society by bringing for children, working a 9-to-5 job, and owning a house while paying the mortgage. This life is a regular life to the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur wants to tackle more they want to and willing we will run the extra mile no matter where they are in their careers you can always depend on an entrepreneur to run the extra mile.

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