Grace is All We Need

Grace is All We Need
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A picture of grace poured out.

Christ on the cross,

His presence on the cross covering the sins of all, a death of one for all to live, not to bring obedience, the crucifixion of The Son of God, an offering made by the Father Himself, an act of love for all. Whether accepted or not. Grace poured out, a love of matchless purity, so that even those who sent Him to the Cross, those that made no defense for Him, those that wounded Him, afflicted Him and sneered at His deserving of ridicule, that God had forsaken Him, would also have the open invitation to eternal life if only they believed and confessed His name as Lord of their hearts.

That He gave His life for ALL. For those that curse, for those that abandon the outcast, for those that deceive, for those that reject, for those that hate, for those who persecute, for those that have been deceived with a corrupted love.

The Calvary, the place of grace, the place of forgiveness, the place of cleansing, the place where He made a way for all to know the Father.” He was led like a lamb to the slaughter and as a sheep before it’s shearer is silent, so He did not open His mouth” (Isaiah 53:7), He gave no offense, no anger, only He cried out to the Father, “forgive them for they do not know what they are doing”, (Luke 23:34

So, He hangs on the Cross, the ultimate Sacrifice, the greatest act of love, His love poured out as He gave up His life, that His grace would be sufficient for us.

Mourn His loss, celebrate His death, kneel at the Cross, to make your way into the throne room of with Praise and thanksgiving, glorify His name and worship Him in Spirit and truth.

Beware for the coming days of the King are unknown and all the righteous will prevail. Make the paths straight for the coming of the Lord, a shield to the lonely, the defender of the weak, the healer of the lame, the hand of judgment on those who lead the lost into darkness with testimonies of lies and profiting of darkness, in place of the sacrifice of the Lord. Those who lord their own power, their own understanding their self-absorbed self-righteousness, the ones who have left the ways of the Lord. To find places of power, deceived by those that they trust.

The son of perdition leading them into darkness. Weep for the Lost, mourn for the deceived, bleed for the salvation of others, glorify the name of Jesus and bring light into the world of darkness. That those will have the veil of darkness lifted from their eyes will hear the word of the Father, that will hear the Holy Spirit. Make way, for the Lord, will surely come upon the Earth and all will see the Glory and the righteousness of the risen Lord Jesus Christ.

 “By His wounds, we are Healed”

In the death of Jesus crucifixion, a ransom was made, our chains were broken and death has lost its sting. His blood was shed and we are healed of our sins, do not inflict wounds upon others, our wounds are not healed by the affliction of others, in our sin, Jesus has ransomed the price for our sins, nobody else need pay.

When we are challenged the human instinct calls a person to take flight or to stand and fight.

But we are given the Holy Spirit our comfort and counsel, to overcome the response of the flesh so that we first deal with our fallen nature. That we learn to stand in the word of God the power of the Holy Spirit the Fruit of the Spirit that is self-control, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness. The supernatural strength of God replacing the meagerness of our own selves and our fallen emotions and our hearts that condemn us over every minor and fickle slight, like “leaves tossed in the wind and the bitter foam of an angry sea”.

Faith that is made complete by the endurance of trials, that extinguishes every fiery dart. That manifestation of the Holy Spirit is made tangible, that the power and glory of God, our Father, our Creator and Provider that the redeeming power and grace of the Son becomes undeniable.

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