Haters Are Going to Hate

©Ryan McGuire 2015

Everyone has them, they’re out there. Haters. I have haters and so do you. What can you do about it? Sadly, there’s not much you can do because you can’t control others but knowing these couple of things about haters will put you at ease for once.

They Are Not Productive

Haters hate when someone is doing something. You can’t lift a finger without a hater staring you down. For example, when Justin Bieber isn’t doing anything people leave him alone but as soon as he posts a tweet on Twitter he gets hammered by thousands of people.

Look, Justin is running his own brand and his Twitter account has to have posts to keep his fans interested in him. He’s making money and haters are not. That time they took to send that tweet was time they spent away from their job. Haters are consumed with anger and hate that doesn’t contribute to anything.

They Are Envious

Haters are just envious and hate on people who do things and they’ll say anything to get you to stop moving forward. They’re not doing anything and hate when someone else does! As long as you’re doing good things none of your followers will listen to them. Take Steve Harvey, he’s everywhere. He’s making videos left and right. He’s on a roll but every time he opens his mouth or writes something on Facebook he gets haters. This man isn’t worried about anything except making money. Haters don’t have money and hate on those who do because they’re jealous. Make your own money haters.

If you know a hater and if you have a friend that hates when you try something new or want to do better just drop them because if you don’t before you know it 11 years pass and you haven’t done anything except for having kept the same friend for 11 years.

Drop the haters, make some money and ignore the haters that come by. The more you make the more haters you’ll get.

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