Hopeless Romantics

Hopeless Romantics
©Montse Monmo 2016

We’re out there, imagining how our lives can be with the right person who will love us the same way we want to love others. Every time we step out on a limb and think we find that person it ends up in a complicated mess. We take them up the bridge and lead into a romantic scene where the kiss we’ve been imagining and waiting for is about to happen until that person completely changes our minds and breaks our hearts.

It hits us hard, I mean, everything was planned out. I knew what she was going to say and what I was going to do. The movie was in my head. We were perfect, the moment was perfect. How could I have missed the circumstances discussed and the complications said before things got this heavy?

Fellow hopeless romantics, we just don’t listen. All we can do is imagine. We connect to romance and hold on to any bit of fantasy we can. Words that were shared years ago, and kisses that we felt, and we even hold images of movie scenes of the relationship of fictional characters as examples of what we want when we get love.

We are disappointed.  We are constantly disappointed with our spouses, relationships and even a random guy we see on the subway. We scan a man and think wow, he looks like he could be the most amazing man I’ve ever seen in my life and  the next second he bends down to tie his shoe and his wedding band is exposed. Like why is this happening to me?

We just want to be cherished and admired constantly. We want flowers, chocolate and to be taken to the top of the hill and promised the moon and back.

A simple, “hi” means more to the hopeless romantic than the average joe. When you acknowledge me in any way I am contemplating our existence and if we were meant to be partners for life.

We have no idea where these feelings come from. It’s who we are and drives us into relationships and mistakes that normally would destroy our hope in love but for some reason, we keep trying. We try and try again and have no idea who to look for and what we need.

After a few relationships, some of us hopeless romantics learn our lessons and remember to hold our romantic self off a couple dates before we want to  show our new love interest who we really are. There are many hopeless romantics who have not understood there is something wrong with the way they conduct themselves in relationships. Giving our entirety to someone we barely know is an overreaction to our situation.

We like someone and we want to give ourselves away immediately. We love strong and it’s our biggest weakness.

You know what else is heartbreaking. I just wonder if there’s ever been two hopeless romantics together? I’ve never seen that happen before?

Hopeless romantics, we are in love with love. We’re in love with passionate love-making, gifts, roses and beautiful words. We can ignore everything and make everything we do together beautiful.

Single hopeless romantics are probably better off than married hopeless romantics. When we’re married and ur spouse doesn’t match up to our ideals we can end up looking for someone else to fantasize about.

I just want you to call me and tell me you’re thinking about me.

I just want someone to be obsessed with me.

Is this wrong?

I’m not sure if anyone knows the true answer to that but I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone. Wanting romance is not wrong but we have to understand that we’re most likely going to end up with someone who won’t love as hard as us.

I find that admitting what you want romantically lifts the weight off your shoulders drastically. Your partner and you have to understand that you both love differently. You have to understand that more than anyone. You’re weak to romance, I’m weak to romance and if I don’t receive adventure in a while I start to drift.

Your spouse must create an effort to surprise you spontaneously. It’s not an everyday thing but enough to keep me romantically at bay and not thinking about looking for fun and excitement somewhere else.

When you’re dating a hopeless romantic you’ll receive gifts and be taken out on dates unexpectedly. We create beautiful scenarios that can get old to the non-romantic partner but if you brush it off, and show no appreciation of our efforts we move on.

Hopeless romantics want to create stories, memories, and movies.

We don’t want to be forgotten. We want to be seduced and persuaded. We’re dangerous. We need reality checks. We need to be reminded the reality in this world.

We can be swept off our feet.

We can be lifted from the ground with the stars in the background.

We can lie in the grass and stare at the clouds and forget about responsibility.

We are dangerous. We need help.

We plan our memories. We plan our words. 

We need help.

Play with a hopeless romantic and you’re hurting someone sensitive to love. We must be negotiated with, listened to and admired. Flirt with me over text and share your thoughts about me.

These are the thoughts of a hopeless romantic. Always daydreaming.

You’d think why not have two hopeless romantics together and they would make each other’s dreams come true. You’d think that be the case but having to hopeless romantics together would mean spending a lot of money, and leaving many responsibilities behind.

We’re too spontaneous and daring to have a partner exactly like us. We need a balance between us. I can imagine my partner asking me to leave work to meet by the water and see where the rest of the night leads us. I’d leave work in a heartbeat.

It just doesn’t work.

We need someone to balance us out.

Offer me a body massage and I will get excited, “You want to touch me? Sure”.

We want the candles, the flower petals, and the subtle kisses. 

As you can see, the mind of the hopeless romantic is endless. Our minds are contemplating the next adventure, the next scene in our movie.

Don’t play with us. Don’t hook us up with another hopeless romantic.

Hopeless romantics, don’t flirt around because you will eventually catch the wrong fish who will take advantage of you. We must be patient and wait to give away our love story to the one person who’ll change our lives.

They will come, it’s a promise. Don’t get so desperate that you’ll take just anyone who talks to you. Give yourself a standard.

You’re not alone out there. I’m here dreaming with you. Someone will come and want to understand you.

When they come, take the time to learn about them, don’t give yourself away to just anyone. Wait.

It’s tempting but challenge yourself to wait.

Hurt a hopeless romantic after many years of trust and you’ll crush their spirit. That’s a warning.

Yessenia is a compelling and innovative program and operations manager who uses her 5+ years of experience in operations management and graphic design to determine small business needs in the areas of inventory costs, labor expenses, P&L, COGs, marketing, and graphic design to create and manage profitable plans for small businesses and individual projects. She is the Owner and Founder of Tru.Works.


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