How God Saves People pt. 1

How God Saves People pt. 1
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A few stories on how people around the world have gotten saved. God touches everyone’s heart differently. Some people’s stories are bluntly said while others bring details. Either way, each story is special.

Yessenia Diaz, Tru.Works

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High school was a crucial time for me. I began making my own decisions and rebelled against my family. Especially my mom. I didn’t trust her or my siblings and began angrily separating myself from them. I searched for family and love in friends. In high school, I dated around, listened to rock (not that that’s bad), watched anime and was indeed an atheist. I was just involved with myself.

I had many girlfriends but I had one where she invited me to a church bible study every Wednesday and as the person I was back then I did anything to not be home or see my mother. I was not interested in God but I wanted to hang out with friends and enjoy my high school times.

Usually, at Bible study, I would let the pastor say what he had to say and handle his business and wait until we were able to play games at his house. There was one bible study where it all went differently. The discussion the pastor brought up was more intriguing than usual (sorry pastor)!

He’d ask everyone if they’ve been praying for anything lately. I didn’t think I’d answer the question but he asked around the room and had everyone answer.

My answer was honest, “Yes I do pray to God”. My pastor asked then what I prayed for and I answered back with, my safety and to wake up alive every day”. He then replied, “Well did He answer your prayer?”

At that moment I realized that I was a hypocrite. I prayed to God, yet I didn’t believe in Him but He still kept me alive. Why? Why did God keep me alive? I had to find out for myself. At that moment I knew I was saved but tried to reverse my salvation. I had to learn everything about God and chose to read the whole Bible by myself. I couldn’t deny the truth any longer.

Durell Smith, Christ Tabernacle Church

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I have a different story. I’m thankful to God for keeping me. I was blessed to grow up in a Christian home. I was born a few weeks early prematurely. I wasn’t suppose to live, walk or talk but people were praying and God had other plans. I gave my heart to Christ around the age of 7/8 ( I don’t remember the exact monent). I’ve been serving the Lord faithfully ever since. I do have a partial hearing loss and a damaged vocal chord but that doesn’t stop me from doing all that I am doing.

Nick Schwarz, my good friend

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Alright, well, long story short, I was once in a rough mental state. I was always depressed and not ever feeling happy. This was when I was about 15. I was not ever contemplating life or anything, it wasn’t that terrible. But I was just not that happy. One day, I prayed and prayed and prayed for guidance. I was begging God to show me the way and give me a sign that He was with me and listening. Now, it may not seem like anything big, but right after that, I went to Spotify and played the hot country album. The first song that played happened to be “Everybody Wants to go to Heaven” by Kenny Chesney. My body felt an amazing feeling. It was a feeling as if there was nothing in the world that could stop me. At that moment, I knew that God has delivered. Since that day, I’ve never been down. I’m always happy and it made me believe fully in God. It brought me closer and that’s the best relationship you can have, one with God.

These are just a few stories of the 2.2 billion Christians around the world. Can you imagine that, out of 7 billion people, 2.2 billion are saved? I’ve only shared the story of 3 people, I have a long way to go.

I will continue sharing these kinds of stories weekly with Tru.Works as I work hard to provide better content and interesting satires for my audience.

Remember that while you may think a family member or friend can be a lost cause, they can’t be. You were once lost and then fund and your friends and family will find their way.

It took 16 years to receive my salvation, we won’t know when and where God will save our loved ones but we do know one thing and that is that He will and that only through Christ He does.


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