How I Lost 30 Pounds in 1 Year

How I Lost 30 Pounds in 1 Year
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I’ll never forget how ugly I thought I was March 2016. I had just about had it and was fed up with myself. My husband- fit as can be, was so handsome while I felt like a cow.

I was and still and am a very dramatic person who exaggerates reality but I am this way because I am sensitive. If I feel ugly, the average person feels ugly but feel like I look horrendous and that my husband deserves a better looking woman.

Now all year (2014) I worked had at understanding dieting and eating the correct amount of foods. I used to eat 2200 calories a day. Today I’ve learned to maintain my calorie count from 1200 to 1600 daily. I overate at all my meals in 2014. By 2015 I had lost 10 pounds after learning to control my food intake and felt pretty great until my body was left at its average weight and I was still heavier than what I was when I first got married.

This is why I began to run. Now before I began working out like I do today I used to workout but never control my food intake which was why I would work out and continue to gain weight. I would stop working out because I looked at the scale. I saw no difference at the gym until I began to eat correct portions of food and work out accurately.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is spending hours on cardio. Every day I run 1 mile under 10 minutes. That’s all I do. I burn 100 calories. I don’t overkill myself and it keeps my digestive system running faster than a body that doesn’t run.

I chose the treadmill because the other cardio machines make it easier for me to stop running. The treadmill can’t be stopped and keeps your pace until you tell it to completely stop. This is the best cardio machine in my opinion because it prevents you from being lazy and slowing down so easily and helps you speed up.

The whole point of running cardio is to raise the heart rate above 170bpm to help burn calories. After the mile is done, then I cool down and move on to weights but not before I stretch my body.

Stretching is relaxing and helps with flexibility.

depending on the day I’ll either do legs, arms, or back and shoulders. Every day I work on my abs. Your core is very important. A strong core prevents backaches. Your core is what holds your upper body up. Your legs support your torso and the weight of your arms and shoulders. The goals is to have your whole body be strong.

After I do my sets in weights I would continue my routine by getting on the floor and working on my abs. Bicycles ended up being my favorite. I work out abs every day because if I don’t I will lose my abs. It’s a good habit to get into.

Finally, I have found that doing this Tuesday through Saturday has given me a great schedule and confidence that I lost many years ago. While my confidence has grown I have found myself to be more proud of who I am and I’m just obsessed with my results.

I love working out and I hate skipping the gym because any day I skip is one day farther from my goal of weighing in at 115. Currently, I’m at 125 pounds and each day I get close and closer to my goal.

Running is what keeps my belly flat, while the weights wit what helps me bulk up. cardio makes you lean while weights build mass. One of my favorite female gym icons is Melissa Molinaro who you can follow on Instagram @melissamolinaro. She has a goal body of mine and I can’t wait to get that way.

They key to fitness is to not be in a rush but to want a lifestyle change. This lifestyle change is what makes the everyday difference. In a few months time, you will see results like never before.

As much gym as you can do, you won’t get any results without proper diet and nutrition. I have learned that I always overate at meals and that I wasn’t really as hungry as I thought I was. I have 2 tricks to stop overeating instantly. the first is simple where you track your calories fo a couple days and see how much you really intake. When I saw my number I was completely shocked. Never again did I eat as much as I did.

the other trick I used to know when I was full after a meal was the large breath you take while eating. This breath is the way your stomach communicates with your brain through your diaphragm muscle that you’re full. When you eat after that breath you are officially overeating.

After learning those two tricks I was instantly able to practice eating less. To this day I naturally eat less than before It’s not a stress or nuisance, it’s my new lifestyle. This is how I lost 30 pounds.

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