How to be Good Enough For Me

How to Be Good Enough For Me
How to Be Good Enough For Me

Good Enough For Me

There are some people where no matter what you do there’s absolutely nothing you can do to feel good enough for them. It makes you wonder when you’ll ever be good enough for that person. You can think all day on how to make things better and plan conversations ahead of time so that you can seem smarter to someone but is it really worth all that energy to prove your worth to someone that may never ever see your strengths? Thankfully the talented Graciela Alexandra shares her story where she explains how to be good enough for me, and not anyone else.

When nothing is good enough

Ugh. You overthink everything.

You’re probably sitting around thinking about what you could have done differently for the gazillionth time.

You’re mentally exhausted.  The tug of war in your brain has officially worn you out.

You keep playing scenarios in your brain that don’t even exist. You make the characters do exactly what you say so things could work out how you want it.

I know that you think someway, somehow you could have altered history if you would’ve just done things differently.

Well, I have good news.

God’s plan for your life is still in effect regardless of your current mental battle.

Here’s what you need to know:

Loving hard isn’t a curse. It’s a super power.

You can’t be good enough for everybody

You worry about everyone before yourself and you love with your whole heart and jump in without much hesitation. I know you have the heart to serve and sometimes think there’s something wrong with you because you can’t shut it off.

You are selfless and not many people can comprehend that language. You must have closure with that.

How to feel good enough

Stop comparing yourself to “what’s her face”

They’ve always told you that you were pretty. And by “they” I mean your mom or dad or creepy distant relative. So naturally – it doesn’t count.

But just because you don’t look like Kim K or Beyonce doesn’t mean you deserve less love. So that “half-love” you think is good enough…

It’s not.

Stop chasing it.

How to feel good enough for Him

Thank God for the day “what’s his face” called it quits.

Oh, you know who I’m talking about. You guys planned your future.

You unapologetically let him in thinking he was different despite his shortcomings. Also, you overlooked his brokenness and saw his potential.

You gave everything.

But one day- he was gone.

Till this day you’re left with questions you feel deserved answers.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you don’t. He’s not yours.

Let God work in His heart just like He’s working on yours.

If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen.

If it’s not – you took a W.

Either way – the next time, you’ll be better than ever and Mr. Right would be too!

I am good enough

No, there’s nothing wrong with you.
No, you aren’t cursed because you didn’t forward that one message.

Accept the fact that you are good enough and can touch the stars just because you’re YOU!

You’ve survived this long – now it’s your time to shine.


You can find Graciela on twitter @labeautifulcaos. It’s very important to know how to be good enough for me. To God, you are enough. More often than not we have to believe that we are good enough so that we can fulfill our destinies. Like Graciela shared earlier, You’re already good enough and you don’t need to compare and prove yourselves to others. You are enough. You are great enough.

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