How to Get a Boy to Like You

How To Get a Boy To Like You
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Girls of the world I bare good news and bad news! The good news is that you can get yourself dolled up every day, wear nice clothing and look fabulous to get the attention of the man you’ve been eyeing but the bad news is, even after you get fixed up and get your words straightened out, if the man isn’t into you he won’t make any moves, so you have to move on.

This article will enlighten you ladies and help you make better choices toward who you date and how you spend your time on certain men.

In the end, it is the man who should pursue you- not the woman pursuing the man.

Men are physical creatures and what they see will determine if they will make a move toward you or not. It doesn’t mean that he thinks you’re ugly or undesirable. It means that you’re not his physical type and that’s great because you won’t waste your time with that boy!

It takes the stress of the hunt off of you. Woman are not hunters, as much as we pretend to be. We are too emotional for that so don’t hunt for a man that has no interest in you, just move on.

Men are supposed to hunt for their woman. Your only job is to walk past them and get their attention. Strut your stuff, stand tall and savor the moment where you model your goods. If they choose to speak to you that’s great, if they don’t that’s their problem, not yours.

Some guy will find you attractive, believe me.

You don’t need to do anything ladies. Live your life and enjoy yourself. A man will eventually come along and will show his appreciation for you. You don’t need to call or ask about him. He should be calling and asking about you. Set your standards high and keep on living your life.

Now men, in general, are attracted to a woman’s physical beauty first but what comes out of your mouth is just as important. Now, I’m not saying you need to watch what you say by pretending you’re someone else. You should never hide who you are but men do seek out red flags in a girl.

If you are:

  • Too into yourself
  • Play the part of the woman in distress aka as helpless
  • Too done up, can never dress down and relax
  • money hungry, or spend too much money
  • loud and obnoxious
  • uncaring, unwilling to try new things or take part in new things

These are just things that make men cringe. If it’s too hard to date you, why would he spend the rest of his life with you? These characteristics are important. If you do possess any of them, it is not smart to HIDE these.

You should work on these characteristics. It’ll make you a better person and a better spouse in the long run.

A man can’t handle a wife who spends all her money in looking good all the time. While it’s nice- sometimes the electric bill must get paid before your hair gets done and you have to be able to accept that than complain about it.

If you’re too into yourself and your looks it comes off as snobby. Men and women don’t like it. You can come across as living a life for yourself and seem to be a person that’ll be hard to make compromises with.

If you act helpless all the time you are a stressful person to be with. Look, your man can love you with all his heart but he’s not your savior. Only Jesus can save you, and in times of need, there’s only so much he can do.

These roles women fall into can seem cute, and sexy- a great way to attract men but they simply don’t work when you want a longstanding relationship.

To get a guy to like you is not so hard because you’re beautiful. The hard part is keeping a guy attracted to your heart and soul, and not wanting to keep you around just for a quick play at your physical beauty.

I hope you understand that. Don’t work so hard for a man, but work harder on your integrity, and mind. Would you make a good spouse, or are you someone a man would have a quick fling with and throw away as soon as you become too much to handle?

These are the questions woman should ask themselves.

When you heighten your own standards for yourself, any man won’t just do. A man that will love your selflessness and sacrificial heart will do.

A man who is patient, kind, and admires your soul is who you’ll give your heart to.

Not the cute guy at school or the coffee shop.


Yessenia is a compelling and innovative program and operations manager who uses her 5+ years of experience in operations management and graphic design to determine small business needs in the areas of inventory costs, labor expenses, P&L, COGs, marketing, and graphic design to create and manage profitable plans for small businesses and individual projects. She is the Owner and Founder of Tru.Works.
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