How to Keep A Boyfriend

How to Keep A Boyfriend
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Many people aren’t sure of how to be a good boyfriend or good girlfriend and others struggle to keep a boyfriend/girlfriend too. So this article is for the girls that don’t understand what it takes to be a girlfriend and keep your boyfriend around. They’ll be another article for the boyfriend but men can certainly learn about a woman’s perspective on relationships in this article.

The purpose of this article is to have fewer ladies obsess over keeping their boyfriend or drive themselves crazy over the how to keep their boyfriend happy.

Boys are different than girls in many ways and the biggest mistake girls make is they assume boys should or do understand girls.

Girls believe they’re being obvious about their emotions and our boyfriends should understand what we mean if they love us. Girls can be crazy. I mean if you really think about it three weeks out of the month our hormones drive us insane. We don’t even know what we want and need half the time because of our hormone up and downs.

To expect your man to understand you is a challenge in itself. But if you expect him to know you so well, you must then also know him just as well too?

We are emotional creatures and our biggest problem is we believe that being emotional all the time is okay and that letting our emotions control our actions is normal.

Our emotions are red flags that show us something is wrong in our minds. They were not intended to have us cry or pour out our feelings on someone. We are to check ourselves because of these emotions not let them take over our bodies.

Easier said than done. But the emotions of anger, jealousy, bitterness, loneliness, lack of confidence, and others, all hit us at one point of our relationship. It’s harder for a woman to control them than men in general.

Boys have been forced by society to keep their emotions controlled and enjoy the freedom from their emotions. They don’t understand why women want to be controlled this way or why women feel so much.

You’re probably wondering why all this emotion talk is important to keep your boyfriend happy.

To keep a boyfriend happy you must practice controlling your crying, your extreme anger, and sadness. It doesn’t mean we become robots but it means that we stop expelling our feelings on men and expect them to fix our problems for us.

It’s your problem, not his. See once you understand this concept and learn to control your emotions then you will find a freedom where you can enjoy your boyfriend and begin to understand him better than to let your emotions dictate your attitude for the day.

A lot of problems in relationships get escalated by the female partner. Our feelings get involved in the mix of the arguments. It can be so hard for women to calm down and wait for the perfect timing and to have the best words to confront a problem.

Many women just blurt it out and let their emotions out without thinking again about their words or where they’re at.

This throws a guy off.

If you’re upset about an issue discuss it before you hang out. Don’t text him the, ‘we need to talk’. Call him instead. Remember timing is key. is he at work, is he with his parents, is he with his friends? Wait until after you’ve both spent some time with each other and then bring up your issue.

Waiting to talk about things, having your emotions in line, and setting up the perfect time to talk about things will help you out in the long run.

You’ll be able to let go of the small things and be more levelheaded when talking about any issues you have in mind.

Remember that when you are out with your boyfriend, enjoy the time you both have together. Don’t bring your attitude to him. If you accidentally do bring your attitude and realize it, apologize and take a few minutes to talk about your issue. Get over it quickly and have fun! If he enjoys movies, a sport or video games, try playing with him from time to time. Don’t get selfish and ruin his hobby for him.

Being a level-headed woman is a woman he can trust in the long run. One he can talk to with common sense. This is comfortable for a man and makes it easier for him to trust you.

Being a good homemaker is also important to men.

As equal as we are to men- men are men and women are still women. Men still want to know that his house will be kept for his children while he works or is busy. this doesn’t mean that he isn’t willing to share the responsibilities. It just means that he can trust his home will be clean while he’s gone.

Food is one way to keep your boyfriend happy. If you live together or if he comes over try feeding him. Make sure your food tastes good. Men need to eat and will keep any woman around that can fill them up. Dinner is a great time to talk to your boyfriend about things that are on your mind.

Stay controlled, don’t get so angry or cry over your problem. Discussing it calmly will help him feel invited to engage back and will draw him closer to you.

Sometimes (especially around your period) you will cry, sometimes you will be angry and that’s okay.  Apologize and try again. It takes practice and years of it.

Have your moment of emotion and move on. Don’t make it your whole day.

When your boyfriend comes over to eat you best believe he’s looking to see how clean your house and room is.While you’re dating he may not make a big deal about this at first but eventually, the more serious the relationship gets your man will not be shy to tell you the house is a mess and wants it cleaned.

This doesn’t mean we’re going back to the 5o’s but make sure to handle the chores and make clear his responsibilities. He may be the dishwasher and you may do the laundry. He won’t care as long as the house is clean.

The ambitious man is who you fell in love with.

You probably fell in love with your man because you love his passion for his goals. He may want to be a scientist, a doctor or an actor. If he’s a great dancer let him know. Go to his events and congratulate him. Make sure he knows how sexy you think he is and that you support him. Let him know he’s a great provider or thank him for finishing the laundry. Men love feeling appreciated. It’s better he looks for his compliments from you than another woman.

Another way you can make your boyfriend feel appreciated is by greeting him with a kiss and affection every time you meet up or anytime he comes home, especially from work. It’s the best feeling in the world to come home to your girlfriend and she misses you dearly.

Not only is greeting him when he comes home the best feeling in the world but if you look sexy he’ll love coming home to you. Make sure you look good anytime you go out or at home sometimes. It’s cute to have sweats and a tee with your hair up.

One Step at a Time

If you decide to do these things, don’t overwhelm yourself with everything. Take one step at a time. If there is one thing you should always practice and keep practicing is controlling your emotions.

You’ll get into fewer arguments and it’s not something you want to do only to keep your man, but also do this for yourself.

Sometimes you both will share emotional moments like a sad movie, a family member passing, or your wedding. These are moments in when your emotions will be expressed and that’s okay, it’s a beautiful thing.

But, if you are driving your man crazy, if you find yourself unhappy every day, angry, stressed or depressed all the time you have to control yourself. No one, especially no man, can deal with an out of control woman or man. Only you can handle your own emotions.

Please don’t feel as if you need to become a robot now. Your identity should not lie in your emotions but in Christ. Don’t shut yourself out and hide your emotions. We should all be able to control how we let out our emotions and not let our emotions hurt someone over a lack of control over your words or actions.

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