I Am So Over My Life

I Am So Over My Life
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Last week you were fired up and excited to tackle every day that week and beat down anything that came your way but today it’s hitting you that you aren’t getting anywhere in your life and you are over it. You have no idea why you keep being positive.

You may think that you’re over your life right now. It may sound funny but this could be a cycle that you keep repeating. 

One day you are unmotivated and lazy and then something sparks your motivational mojo inside of you and it gets you to get back up only to get kicked down a couple days later. It’s repetitive and one day you’ll give up because no one like to be kicked down over and over again.

Why does this keep happening to you? 

Instead of thinking of how to prevent the boring and pointless days from happening let’s think positive and try to bring more infinite days of exciting and productive days. Let’s forget about the bad days and bring on more great days.


To bring in greater days it is definitely easier said than done. 

You can say it’s easier to do nothing than to go through the pressures of life and surpass them. One is easier to do but it’s giving up your dreams and goals and the other is harder to do, it can almost kill you but it’s the most rewarding thing ever.

If you haven’t noticed yet it’s those moments that you reach the moon where you feel happy and successful in life. The reason for you to live is the hunt for that goal. The one dream that you have may seem a galaxy away but when you constantly grind and make your way to reach that goal every step of the way makes your life enjoyable and gives you purpose.

The reason we get down is that we lose the motivation. We lose hope and motivation when we get kicked down. It can feel that your goal is distant and gets more distant as time passes on.

But it’s not. The closer you get to achieving your dreams, the higher the pressure gets.

I encourage you today to research entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and celebrities. Learn about millionaires and billionaires. Look for local money makers listen to their stories and enjoy the motivational speeches these successful people have. 

There’s a reason I suggest it is because the stories of these individuals are great. They weren’t given success. They worked for it.

Bill Gates, J.K. Rowling, Michael Jackson, Milton Glaser, Grant Cardone, and Jesus Christ all have wonderful and crazy stories that will blow your mind. Listening to these people will motivate you every day to keep pushing forward. I dare you to watch their YouTube videos and listen to their podcasts and feel how it changes your mindset.

If you want something big in life it will not come easy. Daddy God rewards the hard worker and you will receive your dream in due time.

Every day you must motivate yourself. You can’t let the failures stop you. You can’t let the no’s get to you. Your mom cannot motivate you, your dad cannot motivate you, and your girlfriend cannot motivate you. Alright, maybe they can for the moment, but only you can for a lifetime.

You got to search for the material.

Go ahead and try motivational videos, speeches, and books for a week and watch your life change in the blink of an eye. I also dare you to stop listening after a week and see how quickly you return to the cycle of being a loser.

Reach out to your goals. Understand that they are possible. Let today mark the day you will change your life and will never turn back into the cycle of thinking you’re a loser and begin the path to hunt your prize. 

You only live one life.  Would you rather settle or would you instead risk it all for what you want? It takes guts to get up and smile every day, it takes guts to call clients when all you get is no, it takes guts to keep going. You have this within you.

Your spirit is kindling and ready t be lit to burn a passion s strong for success. You just gt to light it. Now while the rainy days may come, you have to keep wavering wind and throwing paper into the flames, you can’t let them die off.

It’s when you let the flames die out that’s when you settle. You settle for less than you’re worth. You settle for the part-time gig that has nothing to do with your field or settle for the lower wage than asking for a higher salary. You got to take that chance, or you’ll lose value in your life.

It’s in you, it always has been and you can do it. Why not you? You’re special and different. You have something no one else has, and that’s being you and having that passion that only you have.

I say go for it or keep going for it. Don’t stop risking it all, don’t stop making the calls, applying for jobs, or posting. Keep doing it, your breakthrough is right around the corner.

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