I Don’t Know What To Do Anymore

When You Don't Know What To Do Anymore 😲
©Ryan McGuire 2015

Nothing makes sense anymore. You don’t know what to do anymore. You made decisions that you thought were led by God but then you end up broke, alone and hopeless. What happened? You thought everything was in place. You believed everything was right there for you and now it’s as if God completely disappeared.

Now you may find yourself stuck. I know I was stuck. I was completely lost and didn’t know what to do anymore. I was scared to make decisions for myself. I’ve even kept myself in a safe place so that  I didn’t take any risks anymore.

It’s been a whole year and I now started comparing your life with others. Now, I’m getting angry. I’m angry with myself. I work so hard for everything to go to bills and this man over here doesn’t work at all has an awesome life (I assume). He seems like he has money, a beautiful wife and huge house. I assume he has it all together.

It hit me in that moment to stop what I was doing. It’s time to check myself and choose to be happy. Life gets tough but that doesn’t mean you should start comparing yourself to others. Think about what you want to be. Imagine where you want to be. Declare it

I know there are days where I do have it all figured out but I finished my projects and now I need something more to do. What do I do with my wasted time? What do I do with my extra time?

I decided that I needed to motivate myself once again. I could go and hang out with friends. That’s not hard to come by but I could find another way, a new way to work toward my goals. At the time, I threw away the extra time I had earlier in my life but now, I am wiser and want to make money or help people in my extra time.

I decided to think about what I wanted to be. I asked myself what I wanted to be known for. I began to imagine where I wanted to be. I started to declare it every day. I encourage you to claim your goal and make decisions toward that dream and make it into a reality.

If you ever get stuck with not knowing what to do with your extra time, keep accepting clients and gigs. Open yourself to opportunity. Don’t ever settle and aim toward your goals.

Life is full of challenges but the people who surpass them choose to not let those challenges get to them. The more challenges you have, the more opportunity you will receive. Keep pushing and choose to look to Christ. Believe that He has a set time for your life. A set time of favor and opportunity. and reach your goals! Never let go of those dreams.

Be prepared for when opportunities come your way. Do you know what you’ll say? Are you prepared to be a leader?

When I feel stuck, I remind myself of the dreams God placed on my heart. I remember Japan and Tru.Works. I remember my family and my husband. I imagine my children and the home I want for myself in the future.

These visions reinspire me and reinvigorate me to keep pushing. They remind me to not halt my work and to keep learning and praying. Will you do the same? Will you be my friend and keep climbing the mountain with me?

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