I Lost My Way

I Lost My Way
I Lost My Way
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Life is full of seasons and in those seasons we learn much about ourselves including our likes, dislikes, and events that bring us to our breaking point yet make us stronger.  There are many blog posts about these situations but what about people who lose their way and don’t know what they need to do with their lives. Their purpose is set yet anything they do to get to that level of purpose seems to fail.

Whenever I talk about these things I like to use myself as an example to explain my thoughts.

My purpose is to start a nonprofit organization. I know this and I’ve known it all my life. It sounds easy to do but as I began the process of working on this project I’ve learned that it will take many years to develop and execute this idea.

The more I learn about nonprofit organizations and business the more I want to halt the nonprofit idea and run a business that’ll fund my nonprofit.  This is where Tru.Works came to be. I won’t get into detail about my nonprofit but I’ll tell you something, this is not easy.

Tru.Works started as a blog and small website and have slowly expanded into a small publishing company. This all came to be by accident but the more I expand it still seems as if things are at a standstill. While I do anything and everything to get things going to the next level I’ve had many lessons on what not to do.

Now, that I’ve shared that I want to explain my mindset. With any and every failed attempt it’s easy for me to get flustered and think of a backup plan on what to do if this fails. I have to use extra energy to make sure I don’t think of a backup plan because I want this to be my only plan.

Some days I get so flustered that I want to quit but I know that even if I were to quit I’d still try again. I enjoy what I do and I’m looking forward to it becoming a full-time thing. Until then I have to deal with the growing pains but as you can see that for anyone else starting a new business or new career path.

At some point, it can feel like you may have miscalculated your purpose or that what you thought you should do isn’t meant to be. To make it simple the setbacks make you want to second guess yourself.

In reality, we need to keep pushing and learning. When you’re in a rut it can be stressful and it also can feel like everyone else is ahead while you’re stuck trying to figure things out but I’m telling you we can’t stop striving.

I’m in the same boat, don’t worry, it happens. The failures and small successes will come but I’ll encourage you to keep your focus and keep trying. Ask for help and keep doing the little things.

Lastly, don’t compare yourself to other people. Their success stories will be absolutely different than yours don’t be afraid to look for support and always ask questions to people who are successful and have similar businesses or ideas to yours. Everyone’s path is different. Even the big companies like Apple and Google have their own stories. Steve Harvey, Chalene Johnson, and Cesar Milan are a few of my favorite examples of entrepreneurs who all did their part.

I don’t want to forget the last thing which is most important. God, God will come into the picture. God puts His hand over your works. He will lay His hands over your work and finish your ideas, products, and business after your part has been done.

How do you know when your work is done?

You will never know. If anything you’re alwaysgoingg to be working and striving to accomplish whatever you imagine but God will complete everything and anything that will have an eternal effect on the lives of his people.

We can build buildings and create movies but if the work has no eternal effect it can only be completed by the hands of humans. To some of us that’s alright and to others who are looking for God’s miracle, we must continue to fight the fight and put in our w0rk so that God can continue finalizing our plans and bringing His hand to our work to take our ideas to the last level.

While it seems that we can lose our way, it’s alright to feel this way but at the same time, we can’t stop doing what we’re doing. It may get to the pint where it’ll seem like your work ends with no leads or you’re at a second year with no income but the funny things is that right before we have a breakthrough we get breakdowns.

I encourage my readers to continue doing what’s needed and never give up on what they want to do. It will happen, everything you can imagine will happen, whether good or bad so it’s important to make sure that you’re thoughts are as good as they can get!

If you have a success story you want to share with my audience please don’t be afraid to get in contact with Yessenia Diaz at shareit@tru.works.

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