I Need Help Controlling the Voices in My Head

Controlling the Negative Voices in Your Head
Help is on the way. How do you control the negative thoughts about yourself? The constant self-bashing needs to end. How can you flip those thoughts from being negative to becoming positive and uplifting?

I Need Help Controlling the Voices in My Head

The Secret is a book that transformed my thoughts permanently. I don’t get into many self-help books but The Secret was very different. There were many people who used mind tactics like The Secret suggests you to do and I found that The Secret challenged my attitude toward myself as a person and my circumstances. I needed help controlling the thoughts and voices in my head and when I looked for help, The Secret, was what popped all over the internet.

All-day long we are processing many thoughts.

Lack of time thoughts bring anxious thoughts

Do you begin your day wondering where your clothes are, and if you have enough time to cook breakfast?

Do you also end your day anxiously thinking about how long your shower needs to be? These thoughts are normal and so repetitive that we normally don’t think about them. But these time-constricting thoughts do bring on anxiety and restrict you from being open to abrupt changes in your schedule that are NORMAL.

You can’t control everything.

One way I got past having negative thoughts about myself when my schedule wasn’t met was by beginning to let go of the small stuff. For example, I tried not to make a big deal about my self-care. Instead of scheduling a shower for 20 minutes, I’d tell myself I have ten to twenty minutes to shower. If I went over and took twenty-one minutes to shower I’d make it a positive change to my schedule because I took extra time to enjoy the steam from my shower. Rather than think, “Oh, great. Now later I have less time to eat. I don’t need to shower for that long”.

A shower taking longer than expected to bring negative thoughts to your head. Bashing yourself for taking extra time to clean up after yourself or grab your wallet that you missed in your bag are common human errors that you shouldn’t beat yourself up for.

Negative thoughts about your own image

Thoughts like, “I’m ugly” or “I’m so tired” are all negative thoughts we have that sometimes lead to verbal affirmations.

The idea that you’re not smart enough to pass school, or that you’ll never get fit enough to climb Mount Everest are all just wrong thoughts about yourself. How could my brain think this about its vessel? These thoughts can’t come from me.

To a lot of people, these thoughts could come from depression and anxiety. Chronic depression or not, these thoughts cause self-doubt. I’ve learned to ignore these thoughts. Negative thoughts like:

-I’m too old to do this

-I’m so ugly right now

-I’m too tired to do this

-I’m so fat, I can’t wear this

-I don’t know what I’m doing

-I suck at saving

-I’m not strong enough

-I didn’t attend a good enough school to get the job that I want

-I don’t have a great resume to get the job I want

The list goes on and on. Do you want to know what I personally do about these thoughts? I just ignore them. Ignoring these thoughts has similar results like when you ignore a little kid. Over time, the thoughts disappear and the little kid stops teasing. It’s not so fun to tease when you’re not being paid attention to anymore.

How to convert negative thoughts into positive ones

When you ignore negative thoughts it can clear your mind. It’s not to say that negative thoughts won’t come back but to end them controlling your mind and being the main voices in your head you have to practice ignoring those bad thoughts.

Once your negative thoughts begin to leave you can then turn them into positive thoughts. For example, it may happen where you’ll get a random negative thought and you have to immediately squash it.

A thought like this one:

-I’m not strong enough

needs to change to:

-I can do anything I set my mind to do with practice

This process is easier said than done. But I used those specific examples on purpose because this does take practice to perfect. If you didn’t grow up with someone to teach you how to talk yourself into doing whatever you set your mind to then you’d have to learn this from someone else.

With practice, you can talk yourself into more positive thoughts. This process has worked for me and has gotten me into a healthier mind environment. If you do have chronic anxiety and depression I do suggest going to a doctor. As someone who has chronic anxiety, I  found that the only thing that helps me from having negative thoughts control my mind is by talking myself out of it with positive thoughts about myself.

I can only draw those words from myself. Even if someone else told me I could do all the things I want to do, unless I believed it myself I wouldn’t be able to control my thoughts.

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  1. Rosario M D'ANGELO
    January 11, 2018

    Absolutely GREAT post !! Really hit home with me, these are great points I struggle with each and every day. Reading your posts helps me reconnect with GOD, something I have been struggling with for quite a while. GOD BLESS YOU and your uplifting messages. Continued success

  2. jabes
    January 11, 2018

    powerful, am very encouraged, its like you knew the negative thoughts that where running in my mind, thanks

  3. Joy Gakenia
    January 11, 2018

    Wonderfully put.
    Thank you for this wonderful reminder. It’s in the simple things. In what we say. Indeed life and death is in the tongue.

  4. Aidee Martin
    January 11, 2018

    Oh wow! Thank you so much for this.. I definetly needed to read it! It’s seems like if it were written for me. Ive been looking for a job and my mind has been full of negative things but this article gave me the push that I need to start believing in myself. Thank you again
    Have a Blessed Day!

  5. Xcel The Great
    January 12, 2018

    Great post absolutely true

  6. Amos
    January 14, 2018

    Absolutely, the Devil has no weapons of his own. He often tries to prey on our minds and thought faculties. Thanks for putting a strong reminder forward. Gracias!

  7. WhatsUpSusan
    January 17, 2018

    This is so good! I love this advice and it is right on time for me this new year. Thank you!


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