I’m Living With a Know-it-All 😡

I'm Living With a Know-it-All
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This person knows the answer to everything. It doesn’t matter who, what or when the question is asked they know everything. They know it all. They don’t let you finish your question, they answer back before you can think and worst of all, you live with them! 😤 If you haven’t realized it then let me tell you, you are living with a know-it-all.

With a know-it-all, they usually are infatuated with knowledge and probably do know a lot of things but I will say, no one can know everything. They love to hear themselves talk and are satisfied that they know something. It’s their way to connect with people. Who knows how this habit formed but it needs to be squashed.

How do you change the know-it-all? Good question. I can help you because I too was a know-it-all.


Whenever they interject the conversation and cut you off, kindly let them know you weren’t done with your thought or comment. That usually throws them off and has them think twice because it is embarrassing to be told you cut someone off. You must continue to do this until they understand that they are getting annoying.

Sit Them Down

Let them know, “Hey, it bothers me when you cut me off or you don’t completely listen to what I’m about to say. You don’t know what I’m going to say all the time and I would appreciate getting a chance to speak before I’m interupted”.  Being up front with this person is respectable and lets them know you still want to talk to them but if we don’t fix this now, we’ll butt heads later.


This is a habit that needs to be hammered out all the time until the person starts forming a new habit which is to start listening to the other person (you) before they speak. Don’t feel scared or overwhelmed to teach the know-it-all a new lesson. This lesson is a life lesson that will help them in future relationships.


People mess up. Only Jesus was perfect and Jesus forgave everyone. Don’t kill the know-it-all you live with, it takes patience.

Proverbs 29:20

Observe the people who always talk before they think— even simpletons are better off than they are.


The Message (MSG)

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