In the Struggle There is a Blessing

In the Struggle There is a Blessing
©Oliver Miche 2016

God rewards everyone in different ways and at different times in their lives. I feel as if I had to earn things the long and laborious way. I know I’m not the only one out there who feels left to wonder what God is doing with me.

I have seen people left and right get rewarded or blessed quickly while I felt I was left behind by God. Recently, I know that Daddy God rewarded me with a wonderful apartment in Brooklyn. I now live in a neighborhood that is sought out by many New Yorkers and considered to be a wonderful area to live at.

How did we get this place?

The day before we had to move out of our current location was a stressful day. I woke up from sleep and it was as if God woke me up for such a time as this. I rose up from my bed and was instantly moved to check an online posting on Facebook. I went online and wanted to quit searching right away. I lost all hope but, I was reminded to keep hunting and continue scrolling.

I advanced my search and looked through multiple room and apartment ads online and found a location that no one had contacted. I got in contact with the man right away and was able to look at the place with my husband the next night and the following night it was ours! The favor of God was upon us.

We now have moved into our apartment in Carrol Gardens, Brooklyn. Anyone who knows this neighborhood can say that this is wild. How was it possible you were able to find a place like that? What’s even more amazing is that all the utilities and bills are included in the rent price which is stabilized and our roommate is barely around which makes the apartment almost feels all ours.

I find it amazing that our prayers were answered. We were beginning to get desperate.

It’s in the desperation of things where I call out to God more honestly. I spill out a prayer that is full of need and complete dependence on God. The stress I have doesn’t allow my prayer to be formal but instead I cry out a request that is genuine and real.

I know that’s what God wants to hear from me.

Our struggle to find an apartment took 3 months. But it wasn’t until the day before I had to leave my current apartment where I felt I needed help from God.

It’s a shame but it’s true.

Over the years, I found that God loves 3 things. There are 3 traits that people must have for God to work with. They’re not always certain because I believe Daddy God can do whatever He wants, whenever He wants but I do know that for the people who struggle like I do, it’s these characteristics He’s looking for.

I did find that in my life God blesses those:

-People who are smart
-People who are obedient and steady
-People who are sure of His power

Smart people make smart decisions. He needs people who won’t destroy their bodies and will not waste their time taking part in things that spend His time.

Obedient and steady people show up constantly. They work every day and give their all in everything they do all the time. They don’t quit their jobs every 3 months and get involved in multiple relationships. They stick and stay. With God, those who keep going through the struggle, are blessed.

People who are sure of His power are also blessed. When you know that God can do anything, you are expectant that He will get you out of your storm. This assurance in His strength keeps you level and calm and has you practice obedience and make smart decisions.

I believe that I had the characteristics Father God was looking for, for at least 3 months. I dedicated myself to accept God was going to give me something bigger than I imagined. What’s exciting is we could have had an apartment 2 days into our move to New York City and we didn’t get it.

We would’ve had a room in Bushwick after staying with a couple for 3 months but God didn’t let it work out. We even tried rooming with new friends and that didn’t happen either.

After that, we had no other options but to ask direction from God.

I found that God blesses people who take that moment to go through the struggle for God. Those who step out of the comfort zone. For those of you who have gotten married recently, moved somewhere new or did something an average person wouldn’t do, God loves that.

God does not need comfortable Christians. Comfortable Christians, comfortable people, who want to stick to one place. They don’t want to step out of their complacency or out of their area of peace.

Father God can’t use these people for radical things. God can’t use these people for drastic miracles. God makes miracles that can only be credited to Him. If you’re in luxury and able to support yourself He can’t help you. He cannot make a miracle with you.

He needs those people willing to test His faithfulness to make miracles happen.

If you’re out there believing in your miracle I encourage you to not give up. God’s miracle is still out there for you to take hold of. The longer your struggle the bigger your miracle. If you have been struggling 30 years in faith to God, your miracle will be huge. If I waited 3 months and got an apartment deal of a lifetime that I could potentially raise my family in New York City in, I know that others like me will be blessed far more.

In this wait, make smart decisions. Remind yourself that Daddy God needs obedient and steady people and remember His power is greater than all power.

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