Incredible Gym Idea Proposal

Incredible Gym Idea Proposal
©Scott Webb 2016

What if we had a gym where we could buy everything we needed to purchase and understand everything about our personal bodies in one place. It would be an expensive gym but you would certainly have a life changing experience in which the money would all be worth it.

First and foremost, I’d like to know my fat percentage, weight, diet advice, and overall health opinions from one person. Whether they’re a dietician, a doctor whose focus is on fitness or whoever can give me their professional opinion on my health and then give me a fitness regimen that is just for me.

I can imagine that while I work out at this gym I would have a trainer that would make sure I would complete my workout regimen but could also make sure my mind was psychologically okay to work out and stretch.

After my workout regimen, this person could help me go to the back where I could purchase groceries to help with my diet and then lead me to the back where I can either shop for workout gear or shower to head into the jacuzzi or sauna.

This gym would be an oasis for people looking to complete a lifestyle change where they could only have a year membership and then would have to move to another gym where it’s basic.

My idea is not perfect but it would be much appreciated especially for many people who’ve felt like they could never work out or ever get results when going alone. Not only that but they always end up having to go alone. Giving people the confidence and knowledge will empower many people to go to the gym alone or teach others the benefits of working out and eating better.

Does anyone want to help me make this a dream come true?

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